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BlogHer '12We're one more week closer to BlogHer '12 in New York City this August. As everyone starts to prepare for their trip, I thought it would be a good idea to ask a few of our speakers what attendees might learn, experience or expect at the conference. I think that's always a big worry for those newbies coming to a conference, so who better than to ask than previous attendees who are speaking this year. My question was:

Tell us something interesting or surprising you learned at a previous BlogHer conference.

First up was Beth Blecherman who founded and is on BlogHer's Tech Advisory Committee. She points out that each conference teaches her something new and important.

At each BlogHer conference I learn new and important lessons on the business of blogging. The BlogHer panels and networking events help me with ideas on how to take my blogging and social media business to the next level. At the same time, the sessions remind me about the heart of blogging; which is authentically sharing my voice online. Because blogging is an isolating activity - BlogHer also invigorates me by connecting with the amazing network of "BlogHers"!

You can learn more about Beth via her twitter account and her website, Also, she's soon to be vlogging at: TechMamas on YouTube.

Karen Malone Wright, speaking at ROYO: Table for One, shared some great and practical takeaways from her first (and then repeat) attendance in 2010.

Before BlogHer, I’d been to many business conferences. I knew the feeling of camaraderie that comes when you see someone with a familiar badge. BlogHer ‘10 was my first social media conference. I didn’t expect to start learning as soon as I arrived at the hotel. A full-blast of feminine force generated by hundreds and hundreds of smart, sassy women inflamed me -- in a good way. It was glorious, and I haven’t missed a BlogHer since.

The top three things I’ve learned from BlogHer I’ve used at least weekly ever since.

  • 1) If you’re serious about blogging, including paid posts for brands you believe in, register with an agency like MomSpark, Business2Blogger, or my favorite, Clever Girls Collective.
  • 2) I usually detected a bit of WordPress snobbery as attendees let me know that my beloved Blogger format was so 2006. I switched to WP this year. They were right.
  • 3) Lastly, a great speaker on networking shared this gem: If you dread mingling, find the person who’s more uncomfortable than you. They’ll be alone, pretending to read a text or pick a speck from their drink. Go talk to THAT person. It’s empowering.

See you in August!

You can learn more about Karen via her blog,

Lauren Fleming, speaking at Erotica Out in the Open, shares something that may help our newbies. Quite encouraging!

Last year’s BlogHer was my first time attending a conference of this caliber. I’ve ran conventions and attended smaller conferences before, so I assumed I had an idea of what to expect: I didn’t. The biggest surprise to me was how alone and overwhelmed I felt that first day walking into the Expo Hall. I didn’t know a single other blogger and began to feel that I didn’t know a single thing about blogging. I wandered into the newbies breakfast with an uncharacteristic apprehension about meeting new people, people I assumed were far more advanced than I was. Sitting down alone, I expected the rest of my conference to stay that way: I was wrong again. Soon my table was full of other scared, shy women and we all began telling our stories and making friends in the process. Everyone at BlogHer has a story and everyone started blogging to tell that story. The most interesting part of BlogHer for me was hearing those stories. By the end of breakfast, I had 10 new friends and by the end of the conference that number exceeded 100, a pleasant surprise for someone who felt so alone those first few moments.

You can learn more about Lauren via her site, but you should also visit I'm a Big Deal, which she is launching right now to encourage you NOT to compare your blog to someone else's site. Can I get an amen? She is also Twitter and Facebook.

If you haven't registered for BlogHer '12 yet, you still have time. Also, why don't you tell us -- and by extension, our newbies who are reading this post -- something interesting or surprising that you learned at a previous BlogHer (main) conference. Help attendees figure out what to expect!


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