BlogHer '12 Reminders and Announcements!

BlogHer ’12 is literally just days away and we hope you are excited!

Here are some helpful reminders and announcements in case you’ve missed them:



You will need your ID when checking in at the registration desk in order to pick up your badge. We did not sent out printed tickets or badges in advance this year – just check in at registration with your ID and we’ll hand over your badge! Badges must be picked up by the ticketholder. You can read more about badge pick-up here:

We are *no longer* accepting ticket transfers. The deadline to sell/transfer tickets was on July 1st. Our reminder announcement was posted here:

Still need to purchase a ticket? We currently have full conference, one-day, and HealthMinder Day tickets still available for purchase here:



Check out the BlogHer ’12 Conference Guide and Mobile App to get all your questions answered, to learn more about the conference, to plot out your schedule, and to get super pumped:

Note about the mobile app: For privacy reasons, adding yourself to the attendee section in the mobile app is completely optional. You can enter as little or as much information as you want to share by clicking on "Edit Contact Info" and entering your details there. Once saved, you can choose to share your information with other attendees by clicking on the person's name you'd like to share with. Please note that when you share your information with other attendees, it doesn't automatically share their information with you. They also need to opt to share.



For those who are not able to join us in New York (and attendees who want to check out sessions they missed), we recommend checking back in with the following link where we will be posting our VirtualCon once the conference begins. All liveblogs, audio podcasts, and photos will be posted on the VirtualCon:

You can also join in the fun by following along with our @BlogHerAtHome Twitter account, where we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on all conference happenings in New York and giving you chances to win giveaways from our sponsors. Read all about it here:,1&conf=main


Thanks so so much and have a blast!