BlogHer '12: What's the voice of my blog?

This past year for Christmas, The Hubs outdid himself. He got me tickets to the BlogHer 2012 Conference in NYC this coming August! I'm beyond thrilled, and to be honest quite scared, to attend this event. It will be 2 full days of schmoozing, introducing myself, learning how to be a better blogger and getting to know some fellow bloggers...oh goodness, can I go back to saying I'm quite scared!? I'm horrible at schmoozing, and I'm horrible at introducing myself and I'm even more horrible at meeting new people. So what in the WORLD am I going to do in NYC, alone, for TWO DAYS?! After reading this entry by I Pick Pretty, I know one thing is for sure, I need to start doing my homework...NOW.

Reading Melissa's post got me to ask myself a pretty important question regarding The Mommy Stop - what is my voice? In other words, what am I trying to say? What is the message I want to get out to all of my readers? In a nutshell, I want my voice to be that of comfort. I want new Mom's to be reassured that what they are doing with their babies is the right thing. There is so much information out there for mom's telling us how doing X will damage our child forever or doing Y will set them back years in development. But there seems to be a real lack in words of encouragement and I want to be that voice. I would love for my posts to make a new mom smile, or to breathe a sigh of relief over something they'd been beating themselves up over only to read something I've written telling them that they and their baby will be fine. Granted, I'm not a doctor, and I technically don't have the "authority" to tell someone that by doing Y they will be doing their baby the best thing, but I am a Mom and I do try to parent with my gut and do what I think feels right, despite what other websites may say. I feel like I mention the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" a lot, but I just find so much truth in that. It absolutely does take a village; raising a child is not something you can do on your own. Even if you have an amazing husband, and an amazing family to help babysit, you still need that tight knit community of other Moms who are in this with you. You need to know that things are going to get better, you need to be assured you can cry at the tough times and laugh at the high times. I don't think there is enough of that going around today for Moms and I would love for people to think of me when they need some reassurance.

I would also love to write a book one day. I think I have talents in both writing and giving advice/reason and I would love to combine those two skills into a book (And as The Hubs likes to tell me, I'm so wordy in my writing a book is the only place that could contain me!). I had a great pregnancy and I always toyed with the idea of writing a book about how much attitude can play in to your pregnancy experience. I'm thinking I may take up that train of thought again and maybe have a couple of sample chapters to bring with me to the conference. Any number of people could be at this conference; editors, publishers or just new friends who could be a great resource for me to bounce ideas off of. What's that saying? Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity?

I think from now until August I'll have plenty of time to prepare, hone my voice and get ready to introduce myself to the world of blogging!

Wish me luck!

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