Post-BlogHer Let Down: In the Season of My Family

Coming home from BlogHer I had a To Do List of things to fix up on my blog, ideas to implement, people to contact, topics to write about and a thousand other grandiose ideas and plans. I was going to actually do these things this year darn it! I told myself. Alas, that didn’t happen. Life, as usual, got in the way. Post-conference let down started....more
thanks for sharing that, i am planing on going to blog her next year and i know thats after ...more

UPDATE: BlogHer '13 Registration

At BlogHer '12 we announced we would be opening registration for BlogHer '13 on September 1, 2012. In our excitement at the conference, we didn't think about the harsh reality that September 1 is a) a Saturday, and b) Labor Day weekend. Because of that and the fact that we are revamping our registration system, we are pushing the date back a little, and now we will be opening registration next week....more
Yes indeed Melanie Ross Levin! -Elisamore

Don't Overpack and Other Tips from a BlogHer Newbie

Last week, we featured this post from a BlogHer Conference vet, about how to beat that overwhelmed feeling most of us have after a BlogHer conference. Between keeping up with new contacts, cashing in on your swag, and making technical changes to your blog, photos, or social media (or all of the above), we think these veteran attendee tips are spot on. So, what about the newbies? At BlogHer, we know that a new attendee has a totally different set of expectations, hopes, and...well, fears about the conference! And that is why we loved this post by Nikki of Days With Us. ...more
@mrlady @blogher Thank you! I am thrilled and honored to be featured.more

The BlogHer '12 Fashion Show Video is HERE!

The fashionistas are here -- or their video is, I should say -- and they are ready for your viewing pleasure! ...more

BlogHer Conferences - - Weekly Update August 24, 2012

Happy weekend friends! We are hard at work posting all things post-conference and of course working on all things BlogHer '13, both Food and our annual event in Chicago. But before we get too far ahead let's take a quick look back (in no particular order)......more

The BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year Video Is Here!

The 2012 BlogHer Voices of the Year videos are here! Watch all 15 incredible bloggers selected to read their hysterical, touching, and important posts at the community keynote address from the BlogHer '12 conference. (Note: Have hankie at the ready.)...more
So enjoyed being a part of this. Thank you thank you, BlogHer.more

BlogHer '12: What Childless Women Want Brands to Know

My panel at BlogHer '12 went very well and as it should be, there were lessons for the audience and panel, too. The session was sweetly named,Table for One, and it focused on the challenges of women bloggers without children to attract brand attention and strategies to turn things around....more
I also feel a little upset when the ads that are directed at women without kids it's dating ads. ...more

BlogHer ’12 Is Over, Now How Do I Keep In Contact with Sponsors?

One of the greatest benefits of BlogHer is the networking potential between bloggers and brands. Many bloggers come to the conference looking to connect to brands they would like to work with, and luckily, many brands come to BlogHer conferences to meet with bloggers to work with. We simply create a convenient place to meet and exchange information. Are you interested in keeping in contact with some of the sponsors, but aren’t sure how to go about doing so?...more
Don't send a canned email to a sponsor. Take a few minutes to remind them what you talked about ...more

Check Out the BlogHer '12 Official Photos!

Have you been keeping up with everything we're adding to our BlogHer '12 VirtualCon? If not, you may have missed that we have added in our official photos for BlogHer '12! I love looking at the photos and seeing the smiling faces of people I know... and don't know! I even found a few of me. We put the amazing photos from Danielle Tsi & Manhattan Group Photographers in some slideshows and are posting them here, as well, for your enjoyment!...more

Conference Corner: Got Ideas?

BLOGHER 12 ZOMGZOMGZOMGOh, wait. It's over?......Dangit. If you're anything like me, you're still in that gogogogogo headspace that is the most awesome mixed of adrenaline and nerves and zeal. I always love the weeks leading up to BlogHer Events, and I almost love the weeks after them more. Why? Because my cup overfloweth with ideas that I want to implement in my blog, my life, next year's conference, and the world around me....more
 @JennaHatfield Thank you, thank you, thank you!more