BlogHer '12 Panel Descriptions Are Up!

The fun just doesn't stop over here at BlogHer Conference Programming HQ. Today, we're excited to unveil full descriptions for the BlogHer '12 panels! What you'll see, when you go check them out here at the BlogHer '12 Agenda page, are all the panel descriptions filled out, including all the speakers we have confirmed as of today. But you're going to want to check back regularly, because we're continuing to add speakers to panels on a rolling basis. And there's more to come! ...more
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The 5K Fun Run is Back in New York for BlogHer ’12!

Lace up those running shoes because the annual BlogHer 5K is back! Check out the sites of New York City in a unique and healthy way this year. Run or walk past parts of the infamous Central Park or the Museum of Modern Art. The best part is -- the race is free to all BlogHer ’12 attendees! All you have to do is sign up today!...more
I just kicked off a healthy weight loss program (weight watchers) and lost 20 pounds in two ...more

BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - April 13, 2012

Well friends, it's Friday the 13th. While I am not usually superstitious, I do find that I avoid silly things on this day. You know, ladders, black cats, that sort of thing. Whether or not you are superstitious, I hope you have a great weekend. Oh and remember this is your last weekend before taxes are due, April 17, here in the US. Now on to some conference news... We've announced the International Activists BlogHer Scholarship winners for 2012!...more

Announcing: BlogHer '12 Serenity Suite

July 22 - Update: It was brought to my attention that I did not mention a critical point and that is...the Serenity Suite is an alcohol free zone.  And for a bit more news: ...more
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Announcing the 2012 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Recipients

Today we are thrilled to announce the four recipients of the 2012 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship!Now in its fourth year, this award is designed to both recognize and magnify the impact of women bloggers living outside the United States who are using their blogs to raise awareness, consciousness, or funding to change their community, region, nation, or the world....more
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Announcing: Brunch at BlogHer '12 Hosted by Blogalicious

UPDATE: Brunch is currently at capacity.  At this time we are not starting a waiting list but will be monitoring for cancels.  Keep an eye on the registration page.We are proud to announce our first ever BlogHer Sunday Brunch hosted by Blogalicious!While we have a fabulous line up of parties, we knew we were missing one element: the morning after brunch, a place to relax (and recover) from long weekend of fun, friends and learning....more
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BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - April 6, 2012

Happy holiday weekend! If I have it right, we have both Passover and Easter this weekend, so enjoy time with your friends and family! It's been a very busy few weeks here for the BlogHer Conference Team and we are excited to share!...more

Announcing: Room of Your Own Sessions at BlogHer '12!

At long last, we're thrilled to announce the Room of Your Own sessions for this year's annual BlogHer conference, to be held August 2-4, 2012 in New York City. Room of Your Own sessions -- fondly referred to by old BlogHer hands as ROYOs -- are crowd-sourced and selected primarily based on their appeal to you members of the BlogHer community....more
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UPDATED: The BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Mobile App is Here!

UPDATE: The BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 Mobile App is now available for the iPad! Go to the App Store now to download.Are you heading to Silicon Valley for BlogHer Entrepreneurs '12 later this week? Well good news! We just made your conference experience a little easier....more
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Take Your BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conversations to Dinner

It's always hard to say good-bye at the end of a BlogHer event. So why not extend the fun and learning a little longer? BlogHer Co-founders Lisa Stone, Elisa Camahort Page, and Jory Des Jardins, along with Editor in Chief Stacy Morrison, will each be leading a dinner after the conference and you can sign-up to attend with them. This is a great opportunity to continue networking in a casual, intimate environment, and to have a great meal while you're at it! ...more
 @Dr Karen Krahl D.C.  Yay! Say hi to her for me -- it's been awhile since I had dinner with Ms. ...more