August 3 - Day 1
Time Event
8:00am Breakfast
Newbie Breakfast
9:00am Welcome and Speed Dating, Featuring BlogHer Co-Founders Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone
10:00am Morning Break
10:30am The Visual | iPhoneography
The Geek Bar
The Personal | Blogging for the Love of It
Sponsored | The State of the World's Mothers: Working Together to Save and Improve Lives, brought to you by Johnson & Johnson
The Writing | Turning Your Blog Posts into Publishable Essays
The Political | Sin Fronteras: Advocacy Blogging Across Issues and Borders
The Professional - Beginner + Advanced | The Brand-Blogger Connection
Room of Your Own | Mom, Stop Blogging About Me!
The Technical | HTML Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word
11:45am Lunch Keynote, Featuring Martha Stewart in a One-on-One Interview with BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page
1:15pm The Geek Bar
The Professional - Advanced | Strategic Content Development Across Multiple Media: Onstage, Onscreen, and Online
The Personal | Blogging the Fine Line Between Your Identity and the Issues
The Technical | Podcasting 101
The Political | International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Recipients
The Writing | Beyond Guest Blogging: Pitching Media Outlets
The Visual | Three-dimensional Beauty on a Two-dimensional Screen: Style and Design Bloggers Share Trade Secrets
The Professional - Beginnner | Ten Things You Can Do Now to Maximize Your Social Media Expertise
Sponsored | Keeping Things Private in a Public, Digital World, brought to you by outmywindow
Room of Your Own | Celebrate Your Small Blog
2:45pm The Professional - Beginner | Leveraging Facebook and Twitter
Room of Your Own | Table For One
The Writing | Bootstrapping Your Book's Promotion
The Professional - Advanced | Media Training for Bloggers
The Technical | Streamline Your Technical Toolkit: How to Do More with Less
The Personal | Honoring Your Culture, Celebrating Your Commonality
Sponsored | Bloganthropy: Using Social Media for Social Good, brought to you by Bloganthropy
The Visual | Image Post-Production: Sharing Our Favorite Tools
The Political | How Washington Works and How Women in the States Can Make a Difference
The Geek Bar
4:00pm Afternoon Break
4:45pm Voices of the Year Community Keynote
6:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Voices of the Year Reception
8:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Listen to Your Mother/Letter to Your Mother Open Mic Salon
9:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Sparklecorn
August 4 - Day 2
Time Event
8:30am Birds of a Feather Breakfast
9:30am Sponsored | The Power of Mom: Revolutionizing Family Entertainment, brought to you by The Oogieloves and Kenn Viselman
The Political | Ella Gobierna: Latinas in Elected Office
The Professional - Beginner | Leveraging Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram
The Professional - Advanced | Affiliate Marketing Programs as an Additional Revenue Stream
The Technical | Advanced SEO for Bloggers
The Visual | Telling Stories with Pictures: Incorporating Graphics, Cartoons, and Iconography
The Geek Bar
The Writing Lab
The Personal | Erotica Out in the Open
Room of Your Own | Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally
11:00am The Writing Lab
Room of Your Own | Travel Philanthropy
The Personal | Blogging into MidLife: The Tension Between the Online Spotlight and Offline Invisibility
The Political | Strength in Numbers: Forming and Using Online Orgs to Make Change
The Professional - Beginner | Protecting Your Blogging Rights, Respecting Those of Others
The Professional - Advanced | When It’s Time to Spend Money to Market Your Work
The Technical | Avoid Analytics Overload: Google Analytics Tips
The Visual | Vlogging Boot Camp, pt. 1
The Geek Bar
12:15pm Lunch Keynote, Featuring Katie Couric in a One-on-One Interview with BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone
1:45pm Break
2:00pm Women Influencers as Change Agents Keynote, with Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock
3:15pm The Technical | Hot to Make an App?
The Visual | Vlogging Boot Camp, pt. 2
The Geek Bar
The Writing Lab
The Personal | My Blog No Longer Fits Me: Blogging after Life Change
Room of Your Own | #Blog2012: A Conversation
The Political | Using Online Tools to Get Women into Office
The Professional - Beginner + Advanced | How to Price and Value Your Services
4:30pm Afternoon Break
5:15pm BlogHer '12 Closing
6:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Come as You Are
7:30pm OFFICIAL PARTY: The BlogHer '12 Fashion Show and Style Spotlight
9:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Social Fiesta
10:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: CheeseburgHer


Gina Crosley-Corcoran, CCCE is a certified childbirth educator, doula, and Master of Public Health student with three kids under the age of six. She blogs about motherhood from a feminist perspective, most specifically, maternal child health and feminist politics with plenty of personal tales thrown in for good measure. In January of 2012, she launched a whole new resource guide tapping the talents of more than three dozen guest contributors in the fields of medicine, law, education, and more. When she's not blogging, studying, attending births, and taking care of her family, she dreams of writing a book for other feminist breeders.

Kathy is a Domestic Engineer with three children (two here and one in Heaven) finding joy in the journey after dealing with secondary infertility and loss for five years. She has been blogging at Bereaved and Blessed (formerly Four of a Kind) since 2007.

Kathy’s blog is on Redbook Magazine’s Blogroll: The Best Infertility Blogs and Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Moms with Inspiring FamiliesShe is also contributing editor for Exhale Literary Magazine.

Kathy is a wounded healer who is passionate about helping others that have also struggled with infertility and loss. She is an American Council on Exercise certified Group Fitness Instructor and teaches classes part time. Kathy loves to exercise, run, and practice yoga, all of which have been very therapeutic for her over the years.

Grace Hwang Lynch is a journalist, blogger, and photographer. With a background in television news reporting, she founded the website HapaMama in 2008, to give a voice to Asian mixed-race family issues. She is also the News & Politics Editor for BlogHer. Her work has been published on Salon, PBS, and InCultureParent. She has been quoted as a cultural critic in the Wall Street Journal and Cleveland Plain Dealer and was nominated for a Social Media Award by the Women's Media Center.

Fungai Machirori is a Zimbabwean new media activist who runs a personal blog and has recently launched a Zimbabwean women’s web platform, Her Zimbabwe. Fungai's personal blog (‘Fungai Neni’ online at tackles personal and social challenges from an intimate, provocative and gendered perspective and has been awarded accolades including runner-up at the prestigious World Youth Summit Awards in 2011. Her Zimbabwe (online at is a dynamic new platform for Zimbabwean women to articulate and celebrate the complexity and diversity of their feminine identities. Launched in March 2012, the platform has enjoyed tremendous success achieving over one million website hits and gaining over 1500 Facebook fans and 500 Twitter followers during its three-month pilot, which ended in June.