BlogHer '12: iPhoneography Panel Resources

BlogHer 2012 iPhoneography Panel Resources Follow us with the hashtag: #iPhoneBlogHer12 Panelists: ...more
Camera Awesome is another great app. more

New Sponsor Announcements For BlogHer '12

We have so many amazing new sponsors for BlogHer '12 that we want to share with you! Our annual conference wouldn't be possible without these awesome sponsors. Read on to hear a little bit from this week's new sponsors....more
This is great!more

HealthMinder Day Interviews: How Do You Handle Flack?

This week, I thought I would ask our HealthMinder Day speakers a question that I've always wondered about those who write in the nutrition, exercise and fitness genres. I have avoided putting myself out there with new fitness or weight loss goals on my own blogs because I don't want people to poke at me if I should happen to fail (which I'm really good at when it comes to this topic). So I asked a few of our speakers this question: Have you ever taken flack for health or fitness decisions (example, eating a second piece of cake or taking time off from exercising) when people find out your blogging niche? How do you deal with their comments? ...more
i've been in social situations when someone's jaw has literally dropped when i've grabbed a ...more

Announcing the Geek Bar at BlogHer ’12!

There is nothing that gets me right *here* more than a great piece of code and efficient use of negative space, and that’s why I am so giddy about this year’s line up for the Geek Bar at BlogHer ’12!Modeled after Apple’s Genius Bar, we dedicate one room during each breakout session to providing hands-on, small-group tech help for attendees. This year, we're covering everything from blog backups to Photoshop, taking you on tours of the most popular blogging platforms, and tacking mobile media head-on....more
So happy that the Geek Bar is going to rock this year! Sorry I won't be there to help but it's ...more

BlogHer '12 Interviews: What Did You Learn at a Previous BlogHer?

We're one more week closer to BlogHer '12 in New York City this August. As everyone starts to prepare for their trip, I thought it would be a good idea to ask a few of our speakers what attendees might learn, experience or expect at the conference. I think that's always a big worry for those newbies coming to a conference, so who better than to ask than previous attendees who are speaking this year. My question was: Tell us something interesting or surprising you learned at a previous BlogHer conference....more
I'm right there with you, wdolderer! This is my first conference as well. I have visions of ...more

UPDATE: BlogHer '12 Last Call for Ticket Transfers

     Update:  As of July 1, 2012 we are no longer accepting ticket transfers, see below for all the details.Original Post Date: June 23, 2012 BlogHer '12 is less than -- gasp! -- six weeks away, we hope that you are all excited for the conference awesomeness that awaits just around the corner. We are stoked to see everyone in New York! But if you are no longer able to make it (oh, boo!) and have already purchased a ticket, this is your last call to sell and transfer your ticket to a new attendee. The deadline to transfer tickets is July 1st....more
Are you doing press passes for Blogher 12?  I write for and just interviewed Chris ...more

BlogHer '12 Pre-Conference Events Bling

Whether you're planning on attending the 2nd annual Pathfinder Day or the first ever HealthMinder Day this year in New York City, we know you'll be needing a little blog-bling, so we've got speaking badges and attending buttons pre-coded for you below. Simply cut and paste the HTML snippet into your blog's sidebar....more
@BlogHer @BlogHerAtHome thx @ElisaC can't wait for #blogher12more

BlogHer Conference Update -- June 29, 2012

Happy weekend friends. There is so much to share that I am going to jump right in. First, I'll cover BlogHer '12 in New York, which is just a few weeks away. Here we go...Major announcements (in no particular order)......more

Announcing HealthMinder Day Keynote Speaker Sarah Pollet

We are thrilled to announce our latest exciting addition to the already-impressive line-up of speakers for BlogHer '12 HealthMinder Day: Sarah Pollet, COO of Rock Health, will deliver the inaugral HealthMinder keynote presentation!...more
Hi. I'd like to wish Sarah the best of luck in her speech for BlogHer '12 HealthMinder ...more

BlogHer '12 Interviews: How Did You Find Your Blogging Niche?

It's time for another round of interviews with our amazing BlogHer '12 speakers! I love these; let me tell you why. When our speakers are sitting up front in their panel, we get to know just one side of their story, their experience. I love pulling in other bits and pieces of who these people are and showing them to you so that you might better understand them when the conference arrives! This week I asked:How did you find your blogging niche?...more
I started my blog because I never really saw pink and fluffy advice about social media and ...more


August 3 - Day 1
Time Event
8:00am Breakfast
Newbie Breakfast
9:00am Welcome and Speed Dating, Featuring BlogHer Co-Founders Elisa Camahort Page and Lisa Stone
10:00am Morning Break
10:30am The Personal | Blogging for the Love of It
The Political | Sin Fronteras: Advocacy Blogging Across Issues and Borders
The Professional - Beginner + Advanced | The Brand-Blogger Connection
The Technical | HTML Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word
The Visual | iPhoneography
The Geek Bar
The Writing | Turning Your Blog Posts into Publishable Essays
Room of Your Own | Mom, Stop Blogging About Me!
Sponsored | The State of the World's Mothers: Working Together to Save and Improve Lives, brought to you by Johnson & Johnson
11:45am Lunch Keynote, Featuring Martha Stewart in a One-on-One Interview with BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page
1:15pm The Personal | Blogging the Fine Line Between Your Identity and the Issues
The Political | International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Recipients
The Professional - Beginnner | Ten Things You Can Do Now to Maximize Your Social Media Expertise
The Professional - Advanced | Strategic Content Development Across Multiple Media: Onstage, Onscreen, and Online
The Technical | Podcasting 101
The Visual | Three-dimensional Beauty on a Two-dimensional Screen: Style and Design Bloggers Share Trade Secrets
The Geek Bar
The Writing | Beyond Guest Blogging: Pitching Media Outlets
Room of Your Own | Celebrate Your Small Blog
Sponsored | Keeping Things Private in a Public, Digital World, brought to you by outmywindow
2:45pm The Personal | Honoring Your Culture, Celebrating Your Commonality
The Political | How Washington Works and How Women in the States Can Make a Difference
The Professional - Beginner | Leveraging Facebook and Twitter
The Professional - Advanced | Media Training for Bloggers
The Technical | Streamline Your Technical Toolkit: How to Do More with Less
The Visual | Image Post-Production: Sharing Our Favorite Tools
The Geek Bar
The Writing | Bootstrapping Your Book's Promotion
Room of Your Own | Table For One
Sponsored | Bloganthropy: Using Social Media for Social Good, brought to you by Bloganthropy
4:00pm Afternoon Break
4:45pm Voices of the Year Community Keynote
6:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Voices of the Year Reception
8:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Listen to Your Mother/Letter to Your Mother Open Mic Salon
9:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Sparklecorn
August 4 - Day 2
Time Event
8:30am Birds of a Feather Breakfast
9:30am The Personal | Erotica Out in the Open
The Political | Ella Gobierna: Latinas in Elected Office
The Professional - Beginner | Leveraging Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram
The Professional - Advanced | Affiliate Marketing Programs as an Additional Revenue Stream
The Technical | Advanced SEO for Bloggers
The Visual | Telling Stories with Pictures: Incorporating Graphics, Cartoons, and Iconography
The Geek Bar
The Writing Lab
Room of Your Own | Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally
Sponsored | The Power of Mom: Revolutionizing Family Entertainment, brought to you by The Oogieloves and Kenn Viselman
11:00am The Personal | Blogging into MidLife: The Tension Between the Online Spotlight and Offline Invisibility
The Political | Strength in Numbers: Forming and Using Online Orgs to Make Change
The Professional - Beginner | Protecting Your Blogging Rights, Respecting Those of Others
The Professional - Advanced | When It’s Time to Spend Money to Market Your Work
The Technical | Avoid Analytics Overload: Google Analytics Tips
The Visual | Vlogging Boot Camp, pt. 1
The Geek Bar
The Writing Lab
Room of Your Own | Travel Philanthropy
12:15pm Lunch Keynote, Featuring Katie Couric in a One-on-One Interview with BlogHer Co-Founder Lisa Stone
1:45pm Break
2:00pm Women Influencers as Change Agents Keynote, with Soledad O'Brien, Christy Turlington Burns, and Malaak Compton-Rock
3:15pm The Personal | My Blog No Longer Fits Me: Blogging after Life Change
The Political | Using Online Tools to Get Women into Office
The Professional - Beginner + Advanced | How to Price and Value Your Services
The Technical | Hot to Make an App?
The Visual | Vlogging Boot Camp, pt. 2
The Geek Bar
The Writing Lab
Room of Your Own | #Blog2012: A Conversation
4:30pm Afternoon Break
5:15pm BlogHer '12 Closing
6:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Come as You Are
7:30pm OFFICIAL PARTY: The BlogHer '12 Fashion Show and Style Spotlight
9:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: Social Fiesta
10:00pm OFFICIAL BLOGHER PARTY: CheeseburgHer


Hotel and Directions