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Update 3/26/13:

Our Call for Volunteers has closed.  Thank you for all the submissions!  We are now combing through the submissions and will be in touch with you soon.


In 2005 we launched our first BlogHer conference and we did it with the help of our community. Since that time, volunteers have been a staple in our conference planning, and once again the time has come... time to volunteerfor BlogHer '13 in Chicago!

We call these volunteer positions BlogHerships.

What is a BlogHership, you ask? BlogHerships are a way for people who cannot afford the conference pass to a BlogHer event to still attend. We are asking for your time, effort and elbow grease to get something done at the conference, so we will compensate you with a full conference pass. All BlogHerships are designed to cover the registration fee only, and do not include travel expenses.

Please note we also have a mandatory training on Wednesday, July 24, 2013.


Call for Volunteers


Read more about the various volunteer positions below.

  • Mic Wranglers: Movers and shakers apply here! Mic Wranglers will need to maneuver through rooms to deliver the microphone to attendees who want to make their voices heard. This task is especially important because it also affects audio recordings, so you'll need to be able to move about the room quickly. The estimated time commitment is two sessions (3 hours) per day.

  • Registration Desk Helpers: This job encompasses more than being a friendly face. Registration Desk Helpers have the critical task of coordinating check-in for ~4,000 attendees, providing badges, tote bags and maps, answering myriad questions and being a general know-it-all (or at least knowing where to find the answers). The estimated time commitment is four (4) hours per day.
  • Floating Assistance: In this position, volunteers will be assigned to assistance with various different elements of the event, possibly including but not limited to crowd control, panel room supervision, speaker support, etc. The estimated time commitment is three (3) hours per day.

If you are interested in a BlogHership, don’t delay; you have until March 25, 2013 to apply.

Now for the Conference details:

When: July 25-27, 2013

Where: Chicago, Illinois

You can also book your hotel room here.


Lori Luna
vp, event operations


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