BlogHer '13 Keynote Speaker Guy Kawasaki Has MORE Free Copies of APE to Give BlogHers!

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This past summer, tech icon Guy Kawasaki rocked the BlogHer '13 keynote stage. And he particularly looked like a rock star when he handed out cards with a coupon to get his latest book for free.


Let's just say the BlogHer community is the ideal audience for his message.

That message?

Today's writers need to be Author, Publisher, and Entrepreneur. And his book, APE, is a manual for writers who want to succeed in today's publishing environment. [PS: Emphasis on Entrepreneur is mine... I might be slightly biased about that.]

It's the one-year anniversary of the book's release, and Guy is giving away another 400,000 copies of his book between now and 12/31/13. Yes, you read that right. Supplies are limited. But not that limited, obviously. :)

Just go to this link to redeem. By 12/31.

One of the most interesting things we talked about at BlogHer was the fact that he intends to publish updates to his book, like an app. So, rather than ultimately releasing a second edition, one you'd have to pay for, he intends to make the one book you buy an evergreen resource. Guy claims it's because he's an OCD perfectionist who can't bear the thought of there being outdated info in his work (and who now controls his work more directly). I say it's an amazing way to build audience loyalty.

All you need to say is "Yes, please!"

Thanks to Guy for thinking of the rest of the BlogHer community who weren't at the annual conference this year and giving us a shot at our own free copy of APE!

PS-If you live outside the U.S., don't use the site to sign up. Just email them at for your free copy.

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