The BlogHer ’13 Party Plan: Express Yourself on Friday, July 26th

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Welcome to Part 2 of the BlogHer ’13 Party Plan. You can read all about Part 1, and our process for refreshing the Party Plan this year, here: Kicking Off on Thursday, July 25th.


BlogHer Party Plan for Friday


Friday night at the BlogHer annual conference is special because the closing keynote on Friday at BlogHer is a tradition called Voices of the Year (VOTY). For those new to VOTY, here is a brief summary from Shannon’s announcement:

The Voices of the Year initiative gives the entire BlogHer community a chance to spotlight and celebrate the work that touched us most deeply over the past year. Up to 100 well written, thought-provoking, heart-tugging, and laughter-inducing posts and visuals will be honored as the 2013 Voices of the Year online … and 12 Voices of the Year will be invited to take the stage for our Community Keynote, reading their posts out loud for thousands of their peers.

With Voices of the Year leading into Friday evening, Friday, July 26th is all about Self-Expression:

6-11 PM: The Voices of the Year Reception, featuring the Open Mic Salon, followed by Killer Karaoke!


Voices of the Year VOTY Reception
Open Mic Killer Karaoke


Following the Community Keynote that closes conference proceedings on Friday, all of the Voices of the Year will be showcased at the Voices of the Year Reception. This reception is an opportunity for us all to recognize those whose self-expression was honored by committee and community. Every single Voice of the Year’s work will be featured, so you can spend some quality time getting to know the Voices that made us laugh, cry, and think really hard in 2013.

And if you’re inspired by the Community Keynote, we hope you will throw your hat in the ring to continue the live readings. For the first time this year, we will integrate the Open Mic Salon, hosted by Ann Imig of Listen to You Mother, into the Voices of the Year Reception, and will expand it to last longer, so more attendees can have their voices heard. Share your stories among friends in a warm, receptive environment.

And in case your self-expression has a bit more melody? The Voices of the Year Reception will transition from spoken word to musical storytelling, with Killer Karaoke hosted by Amy Windsor.

9PM-12AM: Tribe Up Progressive Parties

We are also thrilled to bring you an evening of progressive parties hosted by members of the community and designed to help you spend quality time with your tribe. Yes, you can belong to multiple tribes. Yes, we love allies.

What this will look like:

  • All community parties will be held in a variety of suites throughout the Sheraton Chicago
  • You can come and go amongst all the parties… you make your own “progressive party” schedule :-)
  • The parties will start at 9PM, and hotel policies mean they will all wind down between 11PM-12AM.

In no particular order, the following Tribe Up Progressive Parties are on our schedule:


Queerosphere Come As You Are
DIY Multi Culti


Hang out with one tribe all night long, or visit them all…it’s up to you! Think of these as evening Birds of a Feather flocks!

All night long: The Serenity Suite

Serenity SuiteWe have not forgotten those of you who need a space to step away and decompress and not party. Yes, the Serenity Suite is back, led by our fearless co-hosts Heather King and Maggie Ginsberg-Shultz, and it’s the perfect space to chill out and connect with like-minded folks. We will share more info about 2013’s expanded Serenity Suite approach in another post soon, so stay tuned.

That’s Friday night at BlogHer ’13! It’s about expressing who you are. In Words. In Song. In Dance. In Flocks. In Tribes. In Solidarity. In Serenity. In Real Life.

Watch for Saturday’s activities in the coming days!


Lori Luna
vp, event operations


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