From the BlogHer '14 Geek Bar: 9 Geeky Blogs to Follow

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One of the coolest BlogHer conference traditions is the Geek Bar, where you get hands-on help with everything you need to know to power, optimize, and manage your site, or learn about social media. If you're having trouble with a WordPress plugin or need to know the best way to set up analytics, we've got a smartypants to help you. Some of these smartypantses blog about tech and blogging, while others have blogs that set a great example for you to follow.

Geek Bar Bloggers to Follow and Learn From


You may have read Luvvie Ajayi at her blog Awesomely Luvvie, where she blogs (hysterically) about pop culture. But she has another blog just for all the social media stuff. At Awesomely Techie, you can find WordPress tips and resources (her Geek Bar is all about WordPress plugins), as well as gadget and app recommendations and photography and social media how-tos.


If you've seen Erin Gleeson's gorgeous blog (and cookbook), you'll know why she's the perfect person for a Photoshop Geek Bar. She's a longtime food photographer from New York who moved to a cabin in the woods of Northern California, and began shooting ethereally beautiful "photo illustrations" of her cooking that combine images, words, and a dash of magic.

Jayne Heinrich's Geek Bar is all about how to track and optimize your blog's traffic and referrals—and it makes so much sense that someone who blogs about organization would have taught herself how to master analytics, which is all about finding patterns. Her blog is about optimizing her life as a working mother of two small children; follow it for organizational and eco-friendly tips and parenting ideas.


Chloe Spencer is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who started her first company,, at age 14, and monetized her pageviews with Google AdSense at age 15. Now Chloe is an individual consultant for web development, SEO, social media, and content marketing. She'll be hosting a Geek Bar about Snapchat and other tools your tweens and teens may use.


Julie DeNeen's blog really lives up to its name. It's a treasure trove of amazingly thorough tutorials that help you navigate WordPress and keep your website purring like a kitten, along with sage advice about branding and social media strategy. She'll be leading a Geek Bar on WordPress best practices and lesser-known features.


At The Aums, Christine Candelaria blogs about her life as a mother of four kids in Santa Cruz, California. But she doesn't limit herself to writing: Christine also does video, and she's hosting a vlogging session at the Geek Bar. Check out her hula lesson and the work she's done as an iVoice for


Kimberly Blessing is the "mad scientist" at design company Obi-Wan Kimberly blog. Don't miss her session about preserving your online content so that you never, ever lose your work.


Stephan Spencer is the author of The Art of SEO and Google Power Search, and he's blogged professionally since 2004. He brings his SEO expertise to the Geek Bar to help you with an SEO review of your site.


Kerrie Mendoza is a busy mom of twins with a passion for travel—a combination which requires a great deal of organization. Follow her blog for family-friendly travel tips and reviews, stories about parenting multiples, and recipes. And if you have (or are planning) a new blog, drop in to her Geek Bar to get advice about organizing your blog in its very first year so that it thrives (and so you avoid headaches later on).

Do you read a great geeky blog, or follow someone sharing helpful tips via social media? Share them in the comments!


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