BlogHer 2010 Conference in NYC: Blogging Tips, Finding Your Mission and Bruce Jenner, Oh My!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get a last minute ticket to the 2010 BlogHer Conference in NYC. I was a newbie this year, but didn’t feel overwhelmed or lost at all. I learned a ton, met a lot of great bloggers, ate some amazing food and even met a celeb or two along the way…          


Friday morning started off with a bang! 

The newbie breakfast is a MUST for all new-comers to BlogHer. It is so informative, and you get to meet a lot of new people who are feeling exactly like you do. Then it was off to my first panel - Change Agents: Creating Tangible Social Change. Instead of going into a long paragraph about how much I learned from Nancy Watzman from the Sunlight Foundation, Katherine Mancuso, GimpGirl contributor, and Maggie Dammit, the creator of Violence Unsilenced, I'm just going to put it into bullet form:

  • Try giveaways for the most insightful answer
  • Always ask a question at the end of your post
  • Reply by name
  • Guest bloggers!!
  • You set the tone by how you respond to your members
  • Traffic is a really different thing than engagement
  • Comments are no longer the indicator of success

Holy smokes, all that information from one panel - these ladies know what they are talking about! 

After lunch, Courtney (OneBoredMommy) and I went on an adventure to the expo hall and ran into this tall, handsome man...


None other than Bruce Jenner! He is the new face of Tropicana and I loved how he said the range of women who watch The Kardashians is 18-42. Looks like we have the same target demographic ol' Brucie! 

The second panel was a must-visit for me because I'm in the business of beauty. Fashion Blogging is Serious Business was the first-ever fashion panel hosting Susan Wagner, BeautyHacks managing editor, Jennine Jacob from The Coveted, Sarah Conley from Style IT and Nichelle Pace from STYLEMOM.

Our blog is about to be totally re-vamped and we will be reaching out to bloggers in all areas to tell them about our Blogger Spotlight, Blogger Roadshow, LinkLove, etc. I really took away the following points about how to approach other beauty and fashion bloggers:

1) Do not send generic press releases.
2) Do research on the blogs and what they write about. Fashion bloggers often get bombarded by brands and companies that don’t fit their niche.
3) Say thank you to a blogger when they post about your product.
4) Don’t just send samples. There needs to be a story, too. Was it designed by someone special? Is it eco-friendly? There has to be something to write about that makes it compelling.

Saturday was spent networking, following up, touring the Expo Hall, dropping in on panels and visiting with sponsors.

I ran into the Pillsbury Doughboy in the MyBlogSpark suite!

And in the Expo Hall at Proctor and Gamble's exhibit, I was lucky enough to watch celebrity makeup artist, Bruce Grayson in action! He represents Oil of Olay and is a makeup aficionado. He will be doing the makeup of the stars at the Emmy's this year, so watch for his beautiful looks. 










The conference was great and I can't wait to start following up and reaching out to all the amazing people I met. BlogHer women really know how to through a great conference (and website for that matter!). Can't wait to chat online :)

Watch out BlogHer 2011 San Diego, will be there! 

- Allison

And just because, here are some of my favorite quotes from the conference! 
"If someone doesn’t hate you, you’re not doing your job." - Cat Stone 
"Blogging as a woman is not about censoring yourself." - Panelist 
"Give the users a sense of ownership in the blog to help create the conversation." - overheard a woman saying this at lunch :) 

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