The 2014 BlogHer Women and Social Media Study: Be Useful. But Be Human.

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Today we're releasing Part One of the results from our sixth Women and Social Media Study, executed in partnership with Ketchum, and there is a lot of advice for marketers and influencers alike to be found in the data.

The 2014 BlogHer Women and Social Media Study: Be Useful. But Be Human.

The over-arching message for us all? Be Useful. But Be Human. That combination of Utility + Unique Voice will deliver influence, because it will secure trust from your readers.

The other undercurrent? Women continue to be time-impoverished, and we are not above abandoning blogs, apps, tools, services, and anything else we used to use...if does not serve a real purpose in our current lives.

Now, having fun can be a purpose...a lot of us use social media for fun, and we're looking to be entertained.

But perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind for bloggers, specifically, is this: Self-expression is still the primary driver for most of to blog, and that's lucky for us. It's exactly why we write content that delivers relationship building context that lets our readers know us, and therefore trust us. So if you marry your authentic story with really useful content, you will hit the sweet spot. You're a friend, and you're necessary!

We created a mega-infographic with key data points from the study, plus a bunch of mini-infographics that focus on a few of the points in more digestible chunks.

Check them out!

And stay tuned for Part Two of the study, coming in three weeks, from our partners Ketchum. They'll be exploring "The Breadwinner PheMOMenon: What Rises and Falls as Moms Bring Home More Dough."

It's a fascinating look at what we sacrifice (and how strongly we feel the sacrifice) as you pile on career, partners, and children. I'll just share this little teaser that really surprised me (with the caveat that I'm not a mom, so maybe all you moms out there will tell me it's obvious!): Single working moms report being less time starved than do partnered working moms.

Now, as promised, check out the infographic... and find links to the mini-infographics below:

Links to mini-infographics:
2. Blogs as a trusted part of the purchasing process:


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