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Media, measuring, monitoring and the meaning of it all

Online media and tools are probably critical for the promotion and propagation of your big idea. And depending on your product, online adoption may be the ultimate measure of success. In an ever-more-disaggregated online environment, how do you make sure you are measuring the right things…and understand how to act based on the results? Jory Des Jardins leads the conversation among Betsy Aoki, Amy Chang and Laura Fitton are among the experts on hand to discuss.

1) Jory Des Jardins
Twitter: @JoryDJ
President Strategic Alliances, BlogHer

Not all 2,000 saw the tweet right?
Neilsen and Comstore follow panels (a set of blogs)

2)Betsy Aoki
Twitter: @baoki

Social Media and Online Community Guru at Microsoft / Bing

It revolves around people and money. lots of visitors, ready to be monetized.
Check out the woman who works at

3) Amy Chang
Twitter: None
Director of Google's Measurement and Reporting Initiatives
Publisher of the Google Analytics blog


Social - sharing

Mobile - on the go

Local - zipcodes

What's hot with Google

Conversion tracking
Insights for Search

What are you trying to do?
If you're trying to drive donations. Put the conversion code on the donations page. I.E. There are 4 steps

4) Laura Fitton
Twitter: @pistachio
CEO and Founder of

Vanity measurement shouldn't be the standard
Keep it simple sweetheart.

Twitter can create an "OMG holy crap" moment, ie when the plan went down in the Hudson.

4 billion handsets (have massive ability make a message go global instantly)
something outrageous
massive propogation
Who moves the needle?
Get followed back by celebrity 650,000.
objective marketer
metrics are a point of leverage