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It is with tear-stained cheeks that I must announce that I will NOT be able to attend this year’s BlogHer14 in San Jose.


However, because I KNOW how excited all of you are that can attend, I thought I would re-post my re-cap from last year’s BlogHer13 in Chicago- ’cause ya never know what you might learn….

 I have returned hunched over, hungover, and happy.

 I have returned with a slew of new friends, a shitload of swag, and a pocket full of ‘contacts’.

 Because I know you all tune-in to absorb my amazing words of wisdom, I’d like to share

Ten Things I Learned 
While Interacting With Five Thousand Women 
Under A Single Roof. 

     (Note: I hate lists, but the bloggerverse LOVES them and one of the things I learned was do as the bloggervere says. Sometimes. Sorta like when your mother told you to keep your legs crossed. Like that kinda ‘sometimes’). 

 So put down your kid. Lock yourself in the car, and listen up.

1. Even though it is widely believed by Americans that yoga pants, a Jimmy Buffet tee-shirt, and neon running shoes are appropriate dress for almost any situation- they are not. Dressing for Success is still an intelligent alternative to being invisible. I’m not talking about wearing a big orange hat (or anything thatridiculous), just maybe a little lipstick, and dry hair, and a bra. No one wants to see your girls getting off the escalator before your cross-trainers. 

2. A smile is an excellent way to say ‘hello’ to anyone, and at my age, with the corners of my voluptuous lips turning down into the empty wallets of my jowls, if you have to freeze a facial expression of h-a-p-p-i-n-e-s-s and c-o-m-e-h-i-t-h-e-r, do it. Or get a lift before you come. Come to think of it- get a lift in as many places as you can. 

3. Find your Tribe, but don’t pigeon hole yourself into just one. Women friends come in many shades of lipstick. 

4. Remember your reality when, at a keynote speaker address, most around you are applauding some absofrickinlutely crazy-ass-three second sound byte of impossible inspiration dripping off a seasoned conference pro with a book deal. Clap. Be polite. Don’t leave your brains at the conference.

5. Not everyone you LOVE on-line is going to be a ray of sunshine in person. Some are going to be younger, some older, some louder (blinking meekly), some shy, and to some, you will be invisible. Cut them all (and yourself) a break. This can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you haven’t been out of the house, or out from under diapers, in a few years. 

6. Eat well and often. Food is provided. But if you can’t find the time, do not forget the benefits of liquid nutrition- especially if it’s white and chilled.

7. Feel free to NOT speak and listen. For the Love Of God- feel free to do this.

8. Try to ‘take-away’ something from every break-out session, even if the agenda has not been ironed out, rehearsed, coordinated, or is even on point. Seriously- how can you teach someone to write funny? Have you read this post? (I shoulda taken better notes).

9. Don’t be afraid to approach a wise women. We are very friendly.

And, finally, the big number 10, the most important thing of all…

10. Don’t forget who YOU are.
Cathy Chester
(Very much an Empowered Spirit)

Yours Truly
She is even MORE fun then she looks!
Ellen Dolgen
(of Menopause Monday’s)
celebrating Midlife freedom!
(among other things)
Stacia of Dried-On-Milk
Janie of Purveyor Of Fine Words
with the loud mouth in the orange hat.
Some of my Bloppy Bloggers!
Linda the Carpool Goddess,
Julie of JulieDeNeen2.0
the Orange Hat
Sandra of ApartFromMyArt



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