BlogHer Bound! Now What to Pack?

I can't tell you how excited I am to be heading off to BlogHer in Chicago this week! First of all I was born there, so returning to my roots is always a plus, and secondly I'm looking forward to meeting SO many wonderful and talented bloggers!

Per usual, my biggest issue with jet-setting is the dilemma of, "What in the world do I pack?" I reached out to BlogHer attendees asking for tips, since I'm a rookie, and I got some great feedback.

I was able to find all of the following products with the help of Find&Save, and they will also be useful for my upcoming travels beyond BlogHer. So, if you're attending a conference or heading out on a business trip anytime soon listen up...

Electronics Accessories: Cell phone? Check. Charger? Check. Laptop and power cord? Check and check. To be doubly safe, check out Best Buy and Target on Find&Save to see what goodies they have on sale. I recommend getting a mifi hotspot, so that you're never stranded without internet, and a phone case that charges your phone without a cord, like the Mophie Juice Pack charging case, both available at Best Buy. If you're using your cell phone as your primary camera, try some funky photography, and give your pics a boost by attaching an Olloclip, which gives your pics a fish-eye and wide-angle effect. You can pick one up at Target.

Comfortable shoes: Whenever I attend conferences and business trips it's a lot of trekking across vast convention centers, schlepping items around large hotels and walking the city for activities. If you're looking for something that is dressy for summer, yet practical, go for wedges or pumps that have platforms similar in height to the heel, like these from Naturalizer that are currently over 40% off . If you love flats you can stay glam by choosing a pair with adornments that fit your style. I personally love these Sam Edelman "Aster" Cap Toe flats, on sale now at Nordstrom.


Planner: It may sound old school, but it will be a lifesaver! If you already use an electronic planner on your mobile or tablet, feel free to stick to what you know, but if you're like me, this is one area I like to be old school. My life stays organized solely by my planner. Head to and search "planner". You'll be sure to find the right color and size for your lifestyle and travels.

Dresses: Forget the pants and shirts, opt for a dress that you won't feel constricted in, as the minutes turn into hours. It's still summertime so be sure to keep it fun and light. I'm a big fan of chambray and I'll be sure to include some pieces in my suitcase, like this shirtdress on sale now at Nordstrom. I know how ballrooms and convention centers can get chilly, so be sure to pack a few light summer sweaters to keep you from suffering. I love the look and draping of this open cardigan from Ann Taylor.


Makeup Essentials: Nobody wants to carry around a monstrosity of a purse, along with a computer bag while attending a conference. I always throw a compact mirror, travel mascara, spot concealer and my favorite lip stain into a pocket of my computer bag, no purse necessary! Take advantage of Walmart and Walgreens current cosmetic sales to pick up your essentials for those mid-day touchups. If you're looking for a long-wearing lipstick or stain, may I suggest Revlon's Just Bitten line. I believe I have every shade and wear them everyday. They have true staying power, come in an array of luscious hues and are currently on sale at Walgreens. Your lips will thank you later.


Bloggers that are heading to Chicago next week, I'd love to meet you! Please feel free to drop me a note at Hope to see you there! 

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