The BlogHer Business '08 Call for Ideas

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This April BlogHer returns to New York City to put on our second annual BlogHer Business Conference, and we are looking for ideas.

Ideas for panel topics for one of our two break-out tracks.
Ideas for great case studies.
Ideas for must-have speakers.

BlogHer Business '08Thanks to Kristy's newsletter, I've already been getting lots of emails from BlogHers, but I wanted to make sure to post an "official" call for ideas, and to let you all know that we'll be trying to cement programming over the next 4 weeks. (What? You don't get Kristy's Conference Newsletter? Well, you can go here and fix that right now!)

So, what is BlogHer Business all about? In keeping with our 2008 theme, Reach!, BlogHer Business is about finding ways to reach your customers, clients, audience, readers exactly how they want to be reached.

BlogHer Business seeks to strip away the hype and hyperbole and take a practical look at best practices for the bleeding-edge use of social media in business. This is not a "Blog or die" approach. This is definitely a "Blog? Maybe, and here's why" approach.

BlogHer Business will feature numerous case studies. And having sat through a few too many cautionary tales that make it seem as if no one is doing it right, we are focused on finding cases where it really was win-win-win.

Finally, after last year, we learned that social media creation and social media outreach are really two different beasts. And executing strategy and tactics for either often calls for different people using different talents.

To that end, our two break-out tracks will focus on those two areas:

Social Media Creation: Best practices in creating a social media presence. Sure, that means blogging, podcasting, vlogging, but we'll also explore what you might do to create a presence across other social communities. In particular, we'll be looking for a panel of experts to help "Improve This Blog" (or Podcast, or MySpace or Vlog) and a group of volunteer attendees who would love for that panel to give them some free advice on how they'd make their social media presence more compelling.

Social Media Outreach: Best practices in reaching out and engaging online. We call it Social Media Outreach, you can call it Blogger Relations. Hey, call it "maize", but it still seems like an entirely new discipline, even for folks who've been in the business for years. A topic that never quite dies down in the blogosphere, bloggers are as motivated to see communications folks get it right as anyone. Instead of "Improve This Blog", we'll be looking for a panel of experts (meaning bloggers) to "Improve This Pitch", and volunteer attendees who would love for that panel to give them some free advice on how to make their forays into the world of social media more appealing and less fraught with tension.

That's your sneak peek into what we're planning for BlogHer Business, and we'd love to hear your ideas on who should be there. (Including yourself, of course.)

As always, email me and tell me:

- Who you are and why you want to speak
- Which of our tracks you'd like to participate in, and your experience/expertise/knowledge/perspective about that subject
- Specific links that highlight that experience/expertise/knowledge/perspective
- Your contact information and a link to your blog(s)
- Who else you think should be contributing

Again, we're trying to pull this all together over the next four weeks, so I look forward to seeing your ideas soon!

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