BlogHer Business '08 Live Blogs

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Welcome to BlogHer Business' Live Blog Landing Page!

Below, you can find links to all the sessions being live-blogged April 3-4 (updated in real-time; if you get an error message, it's because the post isn't live yet).


Day 1: Opening Session - State of the Social Media World

Day 1: Social Media Creation Case Studies


Day 1: Social Media Outreach Case Studies


Day 2: Morning Keynote - "Talkin' 'Bout My Generation"

Day 2: Breakout #1

Social Media Creation: Moving From "Should" to "Can"

Social Media Outreach: Who You Are, Not What You Do

Day 2: Breakout #2

Social Media Creation: Overcoming Internal Objections 101

Social Media Outreach: Improve This Pitch

Day 2: Breakout 3

Social Media Creation: Beyond Blogging

Social Media Outreach: "We don't know what to do with you"


Day 2: Closing Keynote - "You Can't Manufacture Buzz...Or Can You?"