BlogHer - A Year in Review

2009 offered BlogHer conferences and its community many advances and exciting new adventures – here’s a quick look at 2009…...more

BlogHer '09: We listened. We mulled. And here are some of the decisions you've helped us make

Almost six weeks ago Lisa, Jory and I asked for your feedback and help on making BlogHer '10 even better than BlogHer '09 in a post we called: We're listening. And here's what we're mulling over so far... ...more

I love all of the changes you've made. I'm planning to come out again for BlogHer 2010. ...more

A Week in Review - September 4, 2009

Ahhh, Friday and woo hoo!  Monday is a holiday too :-) Another great week here at BlogHer and here are some items that are of particular interest: ...more

A Week in Review - August 21, 2009

Happy Friday! Another fabulous and productive week here at BlogHer and here are the highlights... BlogHer Food -  today we were able to open up the waitlist and add more bloggers for BlogHer Food!  We are taking names off the waitlist in order they were received - keep an eye on your inbox!  ...more

BlogHer '09 General Session Video is Here...Including the Community Keynote!

The wait is over. Following are the videos of each BlogHer '09 general session. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll think; you'll see your favorite blogger read their most amazing blog post; you'll see Tina Brown ask you to give her your business card; you'll see Ezter Hargittai and danah boyd obliterate our assumptions about today's teens and tweens. ...more

How does one go about getting a sponsor for BlogHer '10? Any tips?more

LobbyCon '09 Forum

BlogHer '09 is a few short days away and this year we introduced something brand new - LobbyCon! In an effort to help you meet up with fellow LobbyCon'ers' we have created a forum to chat about what  you'll be doing in between the the morning and evening general sessions. Click over, meet other LC'ers and start preparing your days! See you soon. ...more

We are happy to open this conference up to as many as space allows - we'll have fun, that is ...more

Join your Flock - Birds of a Feather '09

Welcome to Birds of a Feather '09 (BOF)! As we did last year, BlogHer '09 will feature BOF tables hosting various topics of interest that are either a continuation of a session topic or something new!  BOF will be held on both days during the lunch hour and you will be able to pick and choose which sessions interest you and you can "join your flock". Here is the process: ...more

I know there are lots of us expats out there!

I also second Pop & Ice's idea of an ...more

BlogHer 09 and Karaoke!!!!

Wikipedia defines karaoke as: a form of entertainment in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music (and/or a music video) using a microphone and public address system. BlogHer defines karaoke as: PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! And we will do just that - party like it's 1999 (and sing it too)!  Bring your shower voices, have a sip of liquid courage and belt out that song like you've never done before.   ...more

That I will be making a total ass of myself singing karaoke at the first possible ...more

BlogHer '09 Badges and Bling

Thanks to all your input and amazing ideas we have really great blog bling in preparation for BlogHer '09...all of you are so clever!. Now, with LobbyCon Bling!!!: <a href=""><img src="" alt="I'll Be at LobbyCon!" /></a> Here are the newbies: ...more

Are you thinking about making an "My Friends are All Going to BlogHer, and All I Got is ...more

A Week in Review - June 26, 2009

Wow, what a week! We have been gearing up for the event and now it's go go go all the time!  This train has left the station.  Here are some highlights -  ...more
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