BlogHer Chatter can help you update Twitter (and even Facebook)

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Post update 8/21/9 to reflect new Twitter OAuth functionality

Last week, the BlogHer product team rolled out our latest tool - this one designed to help you manage your social media identity. If you use BlogHer Chatter and Twitter and even Facebook, we now offer you a one-stop-shopping approach to telling your peeps (and your Tweets) what you're up to. Props to our friends at Cerado who helped us build it!

Here's how you use it.

Step One: Update your account settings

To automatically update your Twitter stream with Chatter updates, log into and click Settings from the My BlogHer menu. Click Account Settings. Move to the block that says Twitter settings. Click Connect to Twitter.
connect to twitter
A new window will open, asking you for your Twitter user name and password. (BlogHer does not store this information on our site!) The auth process will begin once you've accepted the connection.

Step Two: Now, Chatter something

Look! It's on your Twitter

Next, send a Chatter message and ta da... your Chatter hits the Twitter stream, and if you have your Twitter set to automatically update Facebook, your Chatter will appear there too. Give it a try, this will make it much easier for you to update multiple streams at once. (This only applies to initial Chatter posts, not replies you make to your own Chatter stream or to someone else's Chatter.)

But wait, there's more. Comments and Favorites are now appearing in the My BlogHer stream and we have RSS feeds too. We also updated Chatter by adding a 140 character countdown to help you craft your Chatter posts more efficiently.

Now, a word on Internet safety: We don't ask for your Twitter username and password lightly. It's in a private part of your profile that cannot be seen by anyone but you, and once you enter your password it will DISAPPEAR because we do NOT want to keep it. :) Online security is a very important issue and we're interested in the OAuth functionality that will allow us to provide this service to you without having to ask you for your Twitter username and password.

We hope these tools help make your life easier and look forward to your feedback. If you have any questions or problems, leave a comment or email if you prefer.

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