BlogHer | Compass Partners 2008 Social Media Benchmark Study: Blogging mainstream, "Reliable" for fun, advice and information

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This spring, BlogHer partnered with Compass Partners to do a sweeping social media benchmark study of more than 6,000 women. We surveyed 1,250 female Internet users via a nationally representative panel, and 5,000 visitors to BlogHer's network ( our syndicate of 1,500 blogs). The results? Judge for yourself:

Did you know that:

* 36.2 million women actively participate in the blogsophere every week (15.1 publishing, 21.1 reading and commenting)? (Page 3 of report below)

* Women are so passionate about blogging that large percentages of women said they would give something up to keep the blogs they read and/or write:

- 55% would give up alcohol

- 50% would give up their PDAs

- 42% would give up their i-Pod

- 43% would give up reading the newspaper or magazines

BUT, some things are sacred … only 20% would give up chocolate! (Page 17)

* More than half of women maintain the original blog they started (Page 8)

* Our time shift from traditional media is accelerating. In the general Internet population:

- 24 percent of women surveyed say we watch less television because we're blogging

- 25 percent of us say we read fewer magazines because we're blogging

- 22 percent of us say we read fewer newspapers because we're blogging

(These numbers are even higher for members of the BlogHer network. See Page 10)

* "It's about me": Our own lives are our favorite topic -- but don't assume you know all the different topics our lives represent by lifestage. (Page 11)

* More than half of women surveyed consider blogs a reliable source of advice and information (Page 10)

* Half of women surveyed say blogs influence their purchase decisions (Page 16)

* Despite hype, few women report discontinuing blogging due to problems with trolls or being “outed" (Page 8)

I've attached an in-depth powerpoint presentation on the survey below. Enjoy! I look forward to hearing what you think of the data...

BlogHer.CompassPartners.Social Media Study.ppt.pdf4.1 MB


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