The @BlogHer Conference and a (much needed) Solo Adventure

By: Chiara

In February of this year, I was still blogging sex, dating and relationships, and The Indie Chicks was nothing but a brilliant little seed of an idea nestled sweetly on the surface of a big white dry erase board. In February, when I signed up for the BlogHer conference, Renee and I had big plans for a weekend together after my abrupt - but adventurous - move across the country. We were going to rent a room, disappear into the electric sidewalks of NYC, and have the kind of fun we used to have before.. well.. you know, before 'life' happened. Unfortunately, Renee couldn't make it out here and the conference is in 2 days. I'm also no where as rich as I thought I would be 6 months ago. So.. I'm going on a wild ride into the city, on my own, stay with old friends and document the entire thing.

Before my 9 month old son, my handsome zombie killing husband, and our abrupt move to the east coast.. I was quite the lone wolf. I'd put on my leather boots, tuck in my skinny jeans, and sport nothing more than a wife beater, my tattoos and a stylish side part. You could find me with a cigarette in hand, shifting gears in my Isuzu Amigo, driving from Sunset Blvd to Venice Beach to the rhythm of Bon Jovi and ACDC.

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