BlogHer Conference Update -- April 12, 2013

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Happy weekend, friends! So much has happened this week so let's just get started!

BlogHer '13First, did you hear we announced Voices of the Year? If you haven't heard about Voices of the Year here is a synopsis:

The Voices of the Year initiative (or VOTY, as we sometimes affectionately abbreviate it) gives the entire BlogHer community a chance to spotlight and celebrate the work that touched us most deeply over the past year. Up to 100 well-written, thought-provoking, heart-tugging, and laughter-inducing posts and visuals will be honored as the 2013 Voices of the Year online, including one People's Choice Honoree per category, and then in person on Friday July 26th at the 9th annual BlogHer Conference in Chicago, IL. 12 Voices of the Year will be invited to take the stage for our Community Keynote, reading their posts out loud for thousands of their peers.


And of course we welcome self-nominations. If you don't think you should nominate yourself, here's what addyeB from Butterfly Confessions has to say on the topic:


And yes, she said in in all caps; take a look and get to nominating :-)

Reminder: If you are interested in being a part of the Community Keynote itself, BlogHer Food '13you must be registered by May 15th, 2013.

We also had some great BlogHer Food '13 announcements ranging from Newbie News to Friday night excursions. Here they are for your convenience:

Food OUtings

  • Are you a BlogHer Food Newbie? Alex has some great information on how to get ready for Austin, take a peek and get ready for an amazing food experience.

  • If you are ready to get out and about in Austin we have the outings for you! Here are a few of the excursions that are already planned:

    • Love BBQ: Franklin BBQ is for you!
    • Maybe you want to try several different restaurants? Then the progressive dinners is the idea!
    • Or maybe, just maybe a pub crawl and angry tomato sauce is the ticket! You'll have to read this one to understand what I am talking about.

There are more excursions in the works so keep an eye out on Melinna's announcements. But remember, you must be a registered BlogHer Food attendee to participate in the outings.

In addition to the BlogHer Food '13 outings, Jenna has been interviewing several of our speakers and you shouldn't miss out on these fabulous conversations

But that's just a few, so head over to the BlogHer Food home page and read more.

Finally, the BlogHer Entrepreneurs VirtualCon with photos, podcasts, and liveblogs are available for your viewing, hearing, and reading pleasure.

Until next time...



Lori Luna
vp, event operations


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