BlogHer Conference Update: New Conferences, Discounts and More!

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It's Friday, it's December, Hannukah is in full swing, Christmas and Kwanzaa are weeks away and not to mention 2011 is inching up on us.  Anyone else feeling like me?  As in "when did all of this happen?"  Along with all of the holiday activities comes some BlogHer fun and announcements - hold on to your hat folks we've had a busy week!

Now these announcements are not in any particular order - drum roll please ... RRRRLLLLRRRRLLLL

A new event comes to BlogHer - BlogHer|bet - Lisa says it best in her post but here's a little teaser...

If you're a woman who has a big idea that involves technology, the Internet or social media, we have an opportunity for you. With the leadership of 50 pioneering entrepreneurs, technologists and business leaders, BlogHer is hosting a special event for women who want to start something. Whether you're considering a start-up of your own, or innovating from inside a company, we invite you to join BlogHer's 2011 Business, Entrepreurism and Technology conference on March 24-25 in Silicon Valley.

An announcement like this would not be complete without a little blog bling - check it out!

Another grand announcement this week was the unveiling of the first ever 20% off discount for a full conference pass to BlogHer '11.  Elisa outlines the details in her post - - this is a big one!

And to continue along with our holiday cheer we want to remind you that we have limited space at both holiday parties - - read the announcement and RSVP today.  If you aren't in either San Francisco or New York City, you can start your own holiday meet up or join an existing party!

Enjoy your weekend - we'll catch up again next week.

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