BlogHer Conference Update - - March 18, 2011

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More March Fabness for this week -- let's get started!! First, I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day and didn't get too much green in your system.


We are excited to announce that at this time next week we'll be hosting our first annual BlogHer|bet event in Silicon Valley. This is for the woman who wants to start something, whether her goal is to strike out on her own with a brilliant idea, or to bring an entrepreneurial approach to innovation within a company. We are looking forward to seeing so many new faces and new ideas.

If you aren't able to attend but want to be part of the conference, we have our Virtual Conference at your fingertips -- check out the Virtual Conference page and be part of the excitement.

BlogHer Handmade

The Call for Ideas ends on Sunday, March 20, 2011 -- so all of you out there with great ideas for this new conference, please submit submit submit! We're waiting for some more fabulous ideas!

BlogHer Food '11

BlogHer Food '11 is only two months away, and we are selling quickly -- if you haven't jumped onto the Food bandwagon, make sure to register today!

And speaking of food, have you heard the great news? Gourmet Live and BlogHer have joined forces to take you on a culinary road trip. We're making monthly stops across the country to bring you insider tips from local bloggers about the can't-miss restaurants and the local food scene. Explore the destinations that define each city's cuisine with Gourmet Live and BlogHer as your guides. We've launched with Austin, in honor of SXSW, but next month we're visiting Atlanta, in honor of BlogHer Food, so make sure to check back!

BlogHer '11

Time is running out -- March 23 is the last day to vote or submit a Room of Your Own (ROYO) for BlogHer '11! Remember, in order to submit you must be a registered attendee by March 23 -- so you have just short of a week.

And if you haven't booked your hotel room in San Diego at the BlogHer rate of $199 per night, single or double occupancy (in-room Internet included) do it today and enjoy that special pricing!

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