BlogHer Conference Update - March 26, 2010

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Happy Friday everyone!

Another amazing week for the BlogHer Conferences -- here's a snapshot of our activities.

Round one of the Room of Your Own Sessions were announced , and we are expecting to announce more in the next few days!  Check out the new additions to an already packed agenda and congratulations to the ROYO speakers -- we're excited to have you join the line-up.

The Hilton hotel is selling out!  (This past week we added more rooms for Wednesday night to help the folks arriving early.)  If you have not secured your room at the Hilton and you want to stay at the host hotel, book now and enjoy the $199 per night, single or double occupancy.  Note: if there are more three or more of you staying in a room, the rate will increase.  Here is some specific information on the accommodations at the Hilton:

  • If you are arriving on Wednesday and staying through Sunday, our rooms have king beds only and LIMITED availability; they will go quickly.
  • If you are arriving Thursday and staying through Sunday, we have rooms with double beds AND king beds.
  • If you arriving on Wednesday and booked a room with a king-size bed but want to change to a double on another day, you need to call the Hilton, be very specific and they can make changes based on availability.

If you are on the BlogHer '10 wait list, I want to call out the process we follow to allow more bloggers into the conference.  I explained it in a recent post but I think it's important to highlight it again:

As you may or may not know, our conference prices for bloggers are heavily subsidized by our wonderful conference sponsors. We will try to increase sponsorship to allow us to open up more tickets for bloggers. As an example:


Last year we sold out in March, created a wait list and when more sponsors came onboard, we were eventually able to open up 300 more tickets.  That is exactly how we will move forward this year.  Once we are sold out, we’ll start a wait list. If and when we get more sponsors, we’ll open up tickets to the wait list.


In the meantime, there are still these tickets available:

BlogHer Business on Thursday August 5th

White House Project on Thursday Augut 5th

Cocktail Parties only

Cocktail Parties AND Expo Hall access


And for you foodies who have not yet registered for BlogHer Food '10 - time is running out, tickets are almost gone - register today and join us at The Palace in October for two days of fun, food and friends!

Have a great weekend!

events manager