BlogHer Conference Update - - May 11, 2012

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It's Friday, and Mother's Day weekend here in the US (maybe other places too), so to all you moms celebrating this weekend or other weekends -- have a great day! Now, on to our update...

Let's start with BlogHer Food '12...

The mobile app is ready for download! This will be your go-to guide for all things Food during your stay in Seattle. Erin's post outlines all the details.

Next... we have our "bring a friend" party pass for the closing party on Saturday night. If you want to introduce someone to BlogHer and our fabulous parties, this is the way to do it. Jenn's post gives you 411. Remember, if you have a full conference pass you will not need to get a party pass too.

Jenna was at it again with another fabulous series of interviews with two more speakers who you will meet while in Seattle. This time she asked a though provoking question:

What's one surprising thing you learned via food blogging? Here's what she learned...

Melissa Crane from Dash of East shared an important point through her surprising revelation.

"...Blogging can open your eyes to passions that you didn't know you had, and lead to amazing opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise."

Beth at OMG Yummy shared something surprising, proving that sometimes our blogging, food or otherwise, can teach us things far beyond what we normally write about on a daily basis. Beth learned something surprising about... her own mother.

I'm going to leave you wondering here so click over to the interview and read what Beth learned.

And of course, last but not least, you can still register to attend BlogHer Food '12. It's as simple as clicking here.

Now, onto BlogHer '12 in NYC...

Here in our planning world we are adding new and exciting sponsors all the time, check out who will be joining us. Keep checking that page as we make additions often.

We have also announced HealthMinder day programming! This is an amazing pre-conference day that will focus on expert information and looking at the latest tools, services, sources, and products for taking care of yourself and your loved ones. And for sharing with your online communities. Check out the post, see what is going on and register today! Note: this is a separate registration from the annual conference.

In addition to that announcement, Shannon has compiled all the updates for everything on our schedule during the conference -- check it out here.

And speaking of registration, there is still time to register for the annual conference and book your hotel room.

Now, onto a little post-conference news...

In March we held our second annual BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference in the Silicon Valley and what fun it was! Among the many things that we enjoyed one was the the video project sponsored by Liberty Mutual and now we have the video is here for your viewing pleasure.

Until next time...

Lori Luna
vp, event operations