BlogHer Conference Update -- May 11, 2013

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Welcome to the weekend and Mother's Day!

BlogHer Food '13We've been busy working on BlogHer Food '13 and BlogHer '13 and here are some of the major highlights:

BlogHer Food '13: In case you missed the Keynote Announcement, we are thrilled to welcome David Leite from Leite's Culinara, to the main stage for an Innovator Interview during BlogHer Food '13.

BlogHer Food '13 Keynotes

In addition, we are happy to welcome Anna Lappe from Small Planet Institute, Elly Spinweber from Partnership for a Healthier America, Councilwoman and Activist Lea Webb, and Michelle Berger Marshall from Feeding America. They will join us at BlogHer Food '13 for a keynote conversation exploring how childhood obesity and food insecurity are connected, where the solutions to both may be, and how we as bloggers can help change the future of America's vulnerable youth.

In addition to these keynotes, we're thrilled to announce more of our Friday night excursions showcasing various hot spots, here are the announcements:

Reminder: In order to enjoy all of this fun you must be registered to attend the 5th annual BlogHer Food event in Austin!

BlogHer '13And then we have some great announcements and reminders for BlogHer '13!

First, in case you missed it we are thrilled to welcome Gale Anne Hurd to our keynote stage. In case you don't know about all of Ms. Hurd's accomplishments, here is a summary (emphasis on summary):

Sarah Connor. Ripley. Michonne. In other words...the original writer and producer of The Terminator movies; producer of Aliens, The Abyss, Armageddon and many more. And now, producer of the AMC phenom, The Walking Dead. Read Elisa's post for all the action packed details!

Gale Ann Hurd Keynote

Then, we announced Guy Kawasaki -- technology evangelist, entrepreneur, and author of numerous books! For us, he is an early supporter, not just of BlogHer, but of the entire blogging space -- including the women in the space -- so we are thrilled to welcome him to keynote in Chicago! Guy's latest book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur -- How to Publish Your Book, breaks down the current publishing environment from the perspective of empowering authors. For BlogHer attendees, many of them content creators looking to control their destiny, Guy's vision of "artisanal publishing" is right on point.

Guy Kawasaki

Register today and be part of all things BlogHer '13. Chicago here we come!

Pathfinder Day '13But wait! There is more... we also announced our Pathfinder Day keynotes!

Welcome Keynote: Maria Ross, branding consultant and author of Rebooting My Brain. Maria Ross was a brand strategist living life at what she calls "a relentless pace" until a freak brain aneurysm nearly brought her career -- and life -- to a screeching halt. Maria will open Pathfinder Day by sharing the heart-stopping story of her brain injury, her road to recovery, and how that unexpected life detour led her to understand her personal mojo, sharpen her personal goals, and ultimately unleash her entrepreneurial spirit.

Pathfinder Day Keynotes

Lunch Keynote: Which Came First: Doing Good or Feeling Good? Do you build satisfaction in your life from the outside in, or the inside out? Do you need to work on valuing yourself in order to bring value to the world? Or does doing good in the world lead you to feel good? Yes to all of the above? Bryant Terry and Nataly Kogan are working from the inside out and outside in, building authentic satisfying lives and livelihoods that they hope also improve the world around them.

Note: separate registration is required for Pathfinder, HealthMinder and Viewfinder Day.


Until next time...

Lori Luna
vp, event operations