BlogHer Conference Update - - May 28, 2010

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Happy Memorial Day weekend for those of you (us) in the United States. With BlogHer '10 only *x* many days away we're ramping up our activities.

The first BlogHer'10 meet up is on June 9, at Pranna in NYC -- read Elisa's post and sign up. It doesn't matter whether you are registered for BlogHer'10, just come hang out with us and have some fun.

We have also announced our Call for Authors for BlogHer'10 -- check out my post and get your bookstore groove on.  Note: you can still be considered for the bookstore even if you aren't registered for the event in August.

Jes' speaker spotlight this week is a hot topic -- Bringing Sex Out of the ClosetThis session discusses how to engage the internet to its fullest potential to meet your sexual needs. Takeaways include but are not limited to:

  • How can I safely and/or anonymously experiment with my sexual identity online?
  • Where are the best Web resources for sexual health information?
  • Can the internet save my relationship?

The agenda for BlogHer Business is shaping up and we're adding speakers on a daily basis -- read about the day and who will be there.

If you haven't registered for the White House Project at BlogHer'10, you can still do so -- read our agenda and register today - your future in politics could be one workshop away.

Finally, make sure to keep your eye on the BlogHer'10 sponsor promotions page - we'll be adding promotions on regular basis as we get closer to the event!

Again, have a wonderful Memorial Day - we'll catch up again next week.

events manager