BlogHer Conference Update -- October 22, 2010

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Happy Friday!

Let's jump right into the topic at hand -- conferences:

The BlogHer '11 Call for Ideas ends a week from Sunday, so don't delay!  You never know, your idea could be the next great idea!  Check out Elisa's post and learn all the specifics about how you too can be part of the BlogHer '11 experience.

If you missed any (or all) of the BlogHer Food '10 event, you can check out the liveblogs -- and you can still purchase the virtual conference pass!

And if you are like so many other bloggers out there who love to meet up -- yes, even post-event -- you can still get something going!  We have teamed up with to assist our bloggers with all their party needs. Check it out and start a meetup today!

Have a great weekend!

director of events