BlogHer Conferences Update - - August 11, 2012

BlogHer Original Post

Well, BlogHer '12 is a mere memory now as we have reached the one week post-conference milestone.

But it's not over entirely, we still have our VirtualCon where you can view photos, read liveblogs, and more! We're updating the VirtualCon regularly, so check back often for new material.

And, not only do we have some cool things happening in the VirtualCon, we have some amazing post conference posts:

Now those aren't the ONLY post conference posts, you can read more here; take your time and enjoy the post event glow.

Please note, registration for BlogHer '13 will open on September 1.

Moving on gently from BlogHer '12 to BlogHer Food '13...

If you haven't already registered for BlogHer Food '13 you can do so here and secure your spot in Austin, Texas! We are thrilled to be on the road and visiting the live music capital of the world (according to the Texas bureau of visitors) not to mention the home of some amazing food.

Oh, and one final thought...we will be issuing our Call for Ideas/Speakers soon (for BlogHer '13 and BlogHer Food '13) so watch the RSS feed and you will know when to submit your ideas!

Until next time...


Lori Luna
vp, event operations