BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - April 13, 2012

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Well friends, it's Friday the 13th. While I am not usually superstitious, I do find that I avoid silly things on this day. You know, ladders, black cats, that sort of thing. Whether or not you are superstitious, I hope you have a great weekend. Oh and remember this is your last weekend before taxes are due, April 17, here in the US.

Now on to some conference news...

We've announced the International Activists BlogHer Scholarship winners for 2012! The list is impressive:

  • Ana P. Santos, Philippines
  • Fungai Machirori, Zimbabwe
  • Maha Elsanosi, Sudan
  • Tara Livesay, Haiti

These women are making a positive changes daily and we are thrilled to showcase them and their work on Friday, August 3 from 1:15 - 2:30 PM. You can read all the details of this scholarship, the winners and their work here.

In addition to this exciting news we have announced the return of the Serenity Suite. What is the Serenity Suite you ask? That's easy, it's a place where anyone (with a conference badge) can come and relax. Maybe you get nervous around crowds and need a quiet spot, or you just don't want to go to a party but are not quite ready to go to your room, we have a solution: the Serentiy Suite. Read more here and come say hello while at BlogHer '12.

But wait, there is more...

If you have not already registered for BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle, there is still time to do so. If you aren't sure, check out our agenda, list of speakers and amazing sponsors. We think that will help you decide. Not to mention the fabulous closing party hosted by Ree, Jaden and Elise. So now that you have a snapshot of what to expect, now is the time to register -- and book your hotel room; rooms are going fast!

And finally...

Our photos are posted for BlogHer Entrepreneurs which took place a few short weeks ago. Take a peek and while you are there, check out the live blogs and read what you missed.

Until next time...

Lori Luna
vp, event operations