BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - April 27, 2012

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It's the weekend -- time for a little R&R, but not before you read our exciting updates!

BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle is literally a mere six weeks away and we're putting the icing on the conference cake! (Nope, I couldn't resist the food reference!)

We've announced keynotes for day 1!

Join Diane Cu and Todd Porter for breakfast as they discuss voice, depth, and embracing imperfection to create authentic, raw, and approachable stories. Search for your inner visual voice, find the story that is meaningful to you, and craft that through words, photography, and video on your blog. You’ll be inspired to make your blog unique, with empowered purpose, and stand out in a crowd with a distinction that only you can create.

But that's not all for day 1; we're closing the day with this:

BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page sits down with Bryant Terry and Terry Walters, two food writers who indulge our senses, who see food as the great pleasure that it is, but who also work to bring us all closer to a healthier lifestyle… including those who can’t afford a weekly trip to Whole Foods.

But hold on, we've got more to talk about. Jenna has done it again, another amazing interview but this time with a spin, kitchen flops and funnies!

She had an opportunity to talk to Jessica Goldman Foung, of Sodium Girl and Julie Tilnser of Bad Home Cooking about their flops and funnies, here's are a few take-aways:

The greatest obstacle between someone and cooking may be the fear of failure. But for those on a low-sodium diet, staying out of the kitchen is not an option. Neither is making mistakes or messes. They happen, a lot, especially as you attempt to rewrite recipe history without salt. So when failure strikes, remember you can throw away the cupcakes, but never the towel. Every mistake means a lesson learned, making you a better cook. ~Jessica

My biggest food blogging flop? Probably naming my food blog Bad Home Cooking. Really. Who wants to read a food blog written by somebody who can't cook? ~Julie

(Don't be fooled by the name of Julie's blog -- she's got amazing things to share!)

We're also excited about the fabulous sponsors who are joining us and as always, helping make this conference a reality. Also, take a peek at the Marketplace and see what our sponsors have to offer.

I think that will do it for BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle. Oh wait! If you are reading this and have not registered or booked your hotel, you should do so soon! We would love to share this experience with you!

Ready to talk about BlogHer '12 in NYC? I am!

First and foremost, April 30 is the last day to submit a blog and/or vote for a blog for Voices of the Year. In case this is the first time you have read an update, you can get a full explanation of Voice of the Year here. As always we are expecting an amazing night of laughter, learning and yes, probably a few tears here and there.

In addition I want to remind you to check out both our Pathfinder Day and HealthMinder Day, happening on Thursday before the main conference. These two stand alone conferences are sure to help you expand your BlogHer conference experience.

And now a few reminders:

Until next time...

Lori Luna

vp, event operations