BlogHer Conferences Weekly Update - - April 6, 2012

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Happy holiday weekend! If I have it right, we have both Passover and Easter this weekend, so enjoy time with your friends and family!

It's been a very busy few weeks here for the BlogHer Conference Team and we are excited to share!

We are still excited about the second annual BlogHer Entrepreneurs conference in the Silicon Valley, hosted by Citrix. This conference was a unique opportunity and designed for women and men who are looking to take a great idea to the next level. We were honored to welcome amazing mentors and speakers to guide us through the conversation both in a group and one on one.

The reaction to this conference has been fantastic! Here are just some of the posts from a day and half worth of networking and learning:

And if you missed any (or all) of the conference, you can certainly read all the liveblogs in the BlogHer Entrepeneurs VirtualCon! We have photos there too, so take a peek and read and see what you might have missed.

Now, you would think that the start of the conference season would be exciting enough for us, but nope we're going to keep the juices flowing!

Seattle here we come...

We have announced our party for BlogHer Food '12 in Seattle! Join us, along with our fabulous hostesses, for a closing night party that is sure please. Hint hint, Ree, Jaden and Elise are baaaaack.

If you have not signed up for the lunchtime excursion on Saturday during BlogHer Food, you can still register! We have limited availability for the Pike Place Tour, but if you register now you might still grab a spot. Remember, you must be a registered attendee to participate in the tour.

And... if you have not booked your room at the host hotel, The Fairmont, you should probably do that soon -- we're filling up; check out the details here.

As usual, that is not all :-)

We have some updates related to BlogHer '12 in New York:

  • We have announced Room of Your Own!
  • We only have hotel rooms at the Hilton for Thursday and Saturday -- but you can book a room at the nearby Sheraton
  • There is still space available for onsite childcare -- register soon as space is limited.
  • You can still register for HealthMinder Day on Thursday! Note: HealthMinder requires a separate registration
  • And not to be undone, if HealthMinder Day isn't your style, we have you covered! Check out Pathfinder Day, also on Thursday. Note: Pathfinder requires a separate registration.
  • In addition to all this learning we also have evenings worth of parties -- go check on what we have in store!
  • Finally, don't forget to grab your BlogHer '12 blog bling!
Until next time...
Lori Luna

vp, event operations