BlogHer Conferences - - Weekly Update August 24, 2012

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Happy weekend friends! We are hard at work posting all things post-conference and of course working on all things BlogHer '13, both Food and our annual event in Chicago.

But before we get too far ahead let's take a quick look back (in no particular order)...

  • Did you miss Voices of the Year or would you like to watch all those fabulous speakers again? We can make that happen! Check out Julie's post showcasing our individual speakers and then of course the entire video is also in the post. I still can't pick my favorite one, so I'll go with all of them!
  • Speaking of video, have you checked out the BlogHer '12 VirtualCon? Here you will find video, liveblogs, photos and coming soon, audio from breakout sessions. Go take a peek; there is so much to see!
  • Ever wonder, "how do I stay in touch with all the BlogHer '12 Sponsors?" Rachel has outlined some ideas in her post -- check it out and stay in touch.

If you haven't already registered for BlogHer Food '13, you can do so here and secure your spot in Austin, Texas! We are thrilled to be on the road and visiting the live music capital of the world (according to the Texas bureau of visitors), not to mention the home of some amazing food.

Oh, and one final thought: We will be issuing our Call for Ideas/Speakers soon (for BlogHer '13 and BlogHer Food '13), so watch the RSS feed and you will know when to submit your ideas!


Until next time...

Lori Luna
vp, event operations