BlogHer Conferences - - Weekly Update February 8, 2013

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Happy Friday -- and for those of you who are into the music scene, happy Grammy weekend! I love watching awards shows for the fashion and, of course, the performances, so I'll be planted on my sofa this Sunday.

BlogHer EntrepreneursLet's start our update with the very exciting BlogHer Entrepreneurs interview Jenna conducted with Porter Gale, author and marketing expert, on the topic of networking, both online and in person.

Here is a small portion of the interview:

"Many of our BlogHer Entrepreneurs attendees already have built large networks in the digital age, but some are likely just starting out. What's one bit of advice you would give to someone trying to start their networks now?"

Porter's answer: If you’re just starting out it’s important to recognize that networking has evolved from a transactional game into a transformational process. My main bit of advice is that it’s not just about “who you know,” it’s about “who you are becoming as a person.” The new way to network and build your true net worth is about charting your own course, living life based on your passions, and being the best you can be. In today’s world, what’s important is no longer about power plays but more about what you value and how—and with whom—you want to get there.

To read more of the Porter Gale interview go to Jenna's post. Don't forget to register for BlogHer Entrepreneurs and learn from some of the leading entrepreneurs in the business.

BlogHer FoodOnce again, Jenna had the opportunity to sit down with some of our speakers at BlogHer Food '13 in Austin. This week she talked to Julie Gunlock, Christy Horton, Laura Fuentes, and Dresden Schumaker from the Your Brand + Your Causes panel.

Here is the question this week:

"Would you show us an example post of how you have integrated your causes into your food blog and share a few words about how either readers react or how you got to a point where you felt comfortable and/or compelled to share your cause?"

Since she is asking them to "show" us, then you have to read Jenna's post to see their answers.

This is one sample of our stellar line up of speakers and sessions we have planned for BlogHer Food '13. Register today and be part of the conversation.

BlogHer '13And did you hear? Our International Activists BlogHer Scholarship is now open for submissions! The International Activists BlogHer Sponsorship award program is back and ready to go!

This week we announced the Program and can't wait to start receiving your nominations.Now, if you are not familiar with the International Activists program please read Shannon's post for all the details. If you or someone you know is a woman blogger who lives and works outside the United States, and is blogging to raise awareness, consciousness, or funding to change their community, region, nation, or the world. You can nominate that amazing woman here!

There is so much going on right now so keep up with us by either subscribing to our conference newsletter or our conference RSS feed.

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Lori Luna
vp, event operations