BlogHer Conferences -- Weekly Update March 8, 2013

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Today is International Women's Day, so happy day to you! When you have time, check out 7 books to celebrate girl power in honor of International Women's Day, but not before you read this update about what the Events staff is doing for you and your conferences!

I'm filling in for Lori today which is always an honor for me. I hope I can fill her shoes!

BlogHer EntrepreneursFirst and foremost, BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 is coming up -- fast and furious! It's hard to believe that it's right around the corner. This week Shannon introduced the speakers and mentors for the conference. It's an informative, link-filled post designed to help you get to know these amazing and successful entrepreneurs even better. After you read her post, be sure to check out the entire list of speakers as well as the agenda to familiarize yourself with the speakers and the day.

I was honored to interview Elke Govertsen this week as well. She attended our first Entrepreneurs conference -- and it changed everything in her business world. If you're on the fence about attending or maybe just nervous about what to expect, this post is a must-read. It will help calm those fears and convince you that yes, this is going to be an awesome stepping stone for you and your big idea.

If you haven't registered for BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 taking place March 21-22 in Silicon Valley, you should do so now. We'd love to help you take that next step.

BlogHer Food '13Moving on to BlogHer Food '13 in Austin, TX, Melinna announced the all important, ever fun closing party! It's taking place at a great venue and features a band as well as some of your absolute favorite food bloggers as co-hostesses. Check it out and register now for the conference!

Food Party & Band
Credit Left: camkage. Credit Right: jasonpersse.

We're taking a short break from our BlogHer Food '13 speaker interviews to focus on Entrepreneurs for the next couple of weeks, but we'll be back with more. In the meantime, don't hesitate to check out the amazing speakers we've already interviewed. It will help you better pick the sessions you want to attend.

BlogHer '13Looking just a bit more forward to BlogHer '13 in Chicago, Lori made a big announcement this week. Our annual Call for Volunteers went out. Yes, once again we're offering BlogHerships. What are those? In exchange for your volunteer work at the conference, we pay for your conference pass. (Not your travel or your lodging, but for the ticket.) We're in need of some great people to help us make the conference a success! If you were considering going but were put off by ticket price, you should apply now. Note: You have until March 25, 2013 to apply, so do so now!

If you ever have questions about upcoming BlogHer Events, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our amazing staff members. We are always here to help. More great things are waiting around the bend, so be sure to sign up for our Conferences Newsletter or subscribe to our conference RSS feed.

Lori will be back next week!


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