38: Cutting Myself Some Slack

Hard to believe that another birthday is upon me, but here it is. Thirty-eight. I have to admit that 37 won't go down in the books as my favorite year. Work has been harder than ever before. Both kids had pneumonia and Max was hospitalized for it, and then I was really sick with it too. We spent a big portion of the year renovating the house, which was the achievement of a long-held goal, but also relatively stressful to live through. I didn't write very much. I exercised even less. I had a hard time giving up something important to me.  ...more

Jama Masjid: A visual

 Jama Masjid, Delhi....more

My first and hopefully not last BLOG!!

Wow!!! I have finally done it!!! I have joined the world of Bloggers!!! Okay, I know lots of people have been blogging for years, but I am just now joining.Please bear with me as I try and tell you what I want to blog about. I want to make people laugh :) (you are probably thinking what is there to laugh about so far?) Stick with me and I will take you through my life and you will see that there are many reasons to laugh every day and you may even find some things in your own life to laugh about)...more
So glad they got the shower accomplished. My husband just gave me a heart attack when he gave a ...more

Keep the Faith

If you were given a list of available children to adopt, which one would you pick? Would you look for the cutest, youngest, happiest little boy or girl? Or would you choose an older child... say around 15 or 16 years old?   My husband and I are currently going through this right now. Last year, we were chosen...yes, I said chosen... to adopt a child (or children). We have a natural son already but realized that adopting a child would make the most sense for us.   For anyone wondering, because I get asked this question a lot... Yes....more

T-cicada T-shirt

love, i love you. i miss you every min.Rain stopped, why still grey of the sky?i can still remember, u said we should happy.the sounds of footsteps in midnight always grating on the ear.fear of loneliness,  let the carnival city sleep with mebut i always feel i am the lonely one eventhough there are a lot of people around me/.everytime when i laugh , my heart still cried so hard. give me a reason to forget.  you , love me so much.give me a reason to give up,  the  decision we made before....more

For Every New Facebook Fan of Big Heart Baby Clothing Co, 6 cents is donated to children’s charities.

Starting Today, October 24th, 2010 Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. will Donate 6 cents to children’s charities for every new person to “Like” Big Heart Baby on Facebook.Go to the Big Heart Baby Facebook Page, "Like" and suggest it to friends....more

The Week That Never Happened...

Sometimes things work out how you plan... and then sometimes- they just- don't.Like my GPS, my skype with Jeff Corwin, and my meet & greet with Elmo. ((sigh))...more

Obesity: Causes & Treatments

Obesity: Causes and Treatments Courtesy of CheatingDeath.com  ...more

Five Things for Which I'm Proud (2009 edition)

If you were raised as I was, in the old school, American South way, meaning Sunday School on Sundays and heavy doses of "home training" anytime, anyplace, then you may know why an assignment to write about "five things you're proud of from 2009" shook me up a bit. I can only think of one moment in my personal history where saying "I'm proud," was cool with the folks, and the props go to the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, for that. ...more

Graduate school huh, Good for you!!!more

BlogHer - A Year in Review

2009 offered BlogHer conferences and its community many advances and exciting new adventures – here’s a quick look at 2009…...more