A Greener BlogHer, but What About All the Swag?

This is my first post here on the BlogHer site.  Last month, I attended my very first BlogHer conference, BlogHer ’09.  I attended both the Business and main conferences.  Prior to attending, I read about several of the green features that were being implemented at the conference.  Some were carried over from previous years and some were new for 2009.  It was great to see that a conference of this size was trying to reduce its environmental impact and I laud the efforts of the entire conference staff for doing ...more

Thank you all for your comments and feedback.  I was a little nervous posting this as I ...more

BlogHer09 Virgin: Better Than Swag, Business Cards

Some people at the BlogHer09 conference went mad for the swag. BlogHer Conference virgin that I was, I missed prime swag opportunities, I've been told. But seriously, I have pack rat issues already. Me and swag would have been a dangerous thing. Business cards, however--that's a different story. At the other end of a BlogHer business card is rarely a major corporation trying to sell you a tangible product. It's a woman saying "This is who I am" or at least how I want you to see me at this moment in my life. ...more

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. :-) Next year, New York! 


My blogs

i am soo addicted with blogging! it all started last year and now after less than 10 months, i am still soo into it. no only that i can earn money but i also have a lot of fun posting things about my interests and opinions. it's really fun so try it too :) ...more

BlogHer '09 photo galleries!

[PicApp_Gallery:id=74] PicApp.Tracker.WidgetImpression.Report({iid:"5559014", sterm: "Blogher", apikey:"4d12d99c-0499-4fd6-a991-ea8e4f53d80b"});PicApp.Tracker.WidgetImpression.Report({iid:"5559038", sterm: "Blogher", apikey:"4d12d99c-0499-4fd6-a991-ea8e4f53d80b"}); ...more

I shall begin to work on TW to convince her that this is a brilliant plan...

BlogHer ...more

Getting to Know LizaWasHere

Kudos, Denise! This was a great idea. I'm Liza, of LizaWasHere. I also blog with Deep South Moms, was the founder of LesbianFamily.org, and recently launched a my own business, PrivacyCounsel. ...more

Hi! I'm also a lawyer mom and very interested in privacy, data security and social media law. ...more

LobbyCon '09 Forum

BlogHer '09 is a few short days away and this year we introduced something brand new - LobbyCon! In an effort to help you meet up with fellow LobbyCon'ers' we have created a forum to chat about what  you'll be doing in between the the morning and evening general sessions. Click over, meet other LC'ers and start preparing your days! See you soon. ...more

We are happy to open this conference up to as many as space allows - we'll have fun, that is ...more

Join your Flock - Birds of a Feather '09

Welcome to Birds of a Feather '09 (BOF)! As we did last year, BlogHer '09 will feature BOF tables hosting various topics of interest that are either a continuation of a session topic or something new!  BOF will be held on both days during the lunch hour and you will be able to pick and choose which sessions interest you and you can "join your flock". Here is the process: ...more

I know there are lots of us expats out there!

I also second Pop & Ice's idea of an ...more

For the love of Music

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy."-Ludwig Van Beethoven..   ...more

BlogHer 09 and Karaoke!!!!

Wikipedia defines karaoke as: a form of entertainment in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music (and/or a music video) using a microphone and public address system. BlogHer defines karaoke as: PARTY PARTY PARTY!!! And we will do just that - party like it's 1999 (and sing it too)!  Bring your shower voices, have a sip of liquid courage and belt out that song like you've never done before.   ...more

That I will be making a total ass of myself singing karaoke at the first possible ...more