Professional Women's Networking Luncheon

A recent survey in Money magazine (July 2009) states that the way $200k -plus earners are finding jobs now is through networking. A whopping 73% of people find networking significantly more advantageous to their job search than any other endeavor. Just take a look at the statistics, which don't even come close: How are $200k+ earners finding a job now?  ...more


Check out my new blog called Plenty: A Blog About Living a Life of Plenty at my website And while you are at it, have a look around! Thanks.  ...more

BlogHer '09 Badges and Bling

Thanks to all your input and amazing ideas we have really great blog bling in preparation for BlogHer '09...all of you are so clever!. Now, with LobbyCon Bling!!!: <a href=""><img src="" alt="I'll Be at LobbyCon!" /></a> Here are the newbies: ...more

Are you thinking about making an "My Friends are All Going to BlogHer, and All I Got is ...more

A Week in Review - June 26, 2009

Wow, what a week! We have been gearing up for the event and now it's go go go all the time!  This train has left the station.  Here are some highlights -  ...more

New Ways to Make Money

Five months ago after losing her job, 38 year old Amy was advised to try part-time consulting while searching for a full time job. But Amy, a successful and driven marketing executive, resisted for fear that consulting would tarnish her resume in the long run. What followed was four months of relentless job searching until she decided to pitch all her old clients. ...more

Are You a Victim of Singlism at Work?

At my last position in Corporate America, I was on the receiving end of a bully executive who was well entrenched with our C.E.O. This duplicitous "mean girl," ironically a movie she always cited, victimized many with her vicious rumor-spreading, mockery and verbal intimidation. With me, her point of attack was almost always aimed at my solo status. ...more

The Upside of Anger - 8 Recession Trends to Which You Can Look Forward

The Dow may be down, the election depressing and yes pretty much everyone, not just Americans, is feeling kind of angry. But as more of us start searching for security, stability and savings there may actually be an upside to all this anger. As behaviors start to adapt during these tough times, here are eight trends we predict that may help change the way you see things:  ...more

A Week in Review - June 12, 2009

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS - DRUM ROLL....BDDDRRRRRRRRR (is THAT a drumroll sound?) 40 days to BlogHer Business! 41 days to BlogHer '09! OMG...I just gave myself heart palpatations ;-) Let's see, hmmm, what to tell you?  Oh, I know... ...more

What's in a NAME?

Is it just me or is there a trend toward 50's-70's  girls names making a comeback? I have heard about more new baby Tracy's, Lisa's, Jody's,  Mary Sue's and Patty's over the last few months than Madison, Ellie, Lauren, Jenna, Abby, Isabella and names that have topped the charts in the last  two decades. I'm curious if I just noticed this or if you are noticing the same thing?  Marianne ...more

A Week in Review - June 5, 2009

Happy Friday my friends! Another exciting week here at BlogHer but I must admit, I'm ready for the weekend.  I have a couple of items to call out as we wind up the week... Keynotes - We have announced the BlogHer '09 keynotes - take a peek! ...more

Yes!  We are pretty excited :-)more