My First Conference

I’m very excited to be headed to my first blogher conference.  I hope to meet lots of blog friends and learn many new things about a blog life.  I wonder if there will be any gluten free food available or just my snack bag? ...more

BlogHer '08 Audio: Whaddya mean i never posted...oh. So, remember that conference?

So, a funny thing happened on the way to posting audio tracks from BlogHer '08, our annual blow-out this past July in San Francisco. Namely: I didn't. Mea culpa, my bad, I apologize! Here are a bunch of audio files, and i think we still have some more coming from our kind, generous event partner, ListenShare. (You may know them as Stephanie and James, and they've been there with their handy audio gear at most of our recent conferences.) You can find their site with these links here. ...more

Is tagless clothing causing chemical burns and skin rashes in children?

Does your baby or toddler suffer from red patches on the back of her neck?  Does your baby or toddler wear tagless clothing, such as Carter's onesies?  Are you stumped as to the cause? ...more
not just babies! I got burned by a batch of panties from JC Pennys, I am making my own now.more

The Bisphenol A Debate Continues: NTP Finds BPA May Harm Babies and Kids

The US Department of Health & Human Services' National Toxicology Program ("NTP") issued its final report on the health risks associated with Bisphenol A (or BPA) on September 3, 2008.  The NTP found "some concern" (a 3 on the NTP's 5 point scale) for effects on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland in fetuses, infants and children at current human exposure levels.  The NTP also found minimal and negligible concern for other health endpoints. ...more

Ten Ways To Green Your Bathroom

Spray the shower with a natural mold-fighting solution after each use: This preventative measure can eliminate the need for toxic chemical mold-killers in the future– a few spritzes now will save a whole lot of scrubbing/re-grouting later. Fill a spray bottle with one of these suggested solutions, and keep it in the shower: White vinegar, or 2 cups water + 2 teaspoons tea tree oil, or Water + lavendar essential oil ...more

Good tips, but I can't buy into only bathing the kids once a week....pleeze!more

My Maiden Voyage to BlogHer

Think blogging is a fad, think again. This summer I went to BlogHer08. I knew I was in for an event when I had to I had to find my ticket on Craigs ListHere are a few highlights from my day at BlogHer08: Buy your ticket early…this event sold out weeks before, but CraigsList to the rescue. If it works for concert tickets then why not BlogHer! ...more

Your Best BlogHer 08 Pix!

To all of you BlogHers that atteneded BlogHer 08, Shutter Sisters is working on a Blurb Book of photos from the event. Please submit your fun/funky/groovy/cool photos into our Flickr Pool, ShutterWalk to be considered for publication in the book. Be sure to get permission from the peeps in your photos first!! ...more

San Mateo Policeman Holds Poodle's owners hostage. Thanks to him, dog dies!

This policeman makes my blood curdle! I understand enforcing the law but there must be a gray area at some times. Even if there isn’t a gray area with the law, there must be respect and a caring attitude for the people and or the animals involved in whatever breach of law occurs! The five o’clock news WHDH Boston channel 7, just reported a piece which made me feel physically ill. Apparently there was a couple in a car, which was speeding down the highway because their beloved poodle was choking. They were exceeding the speed ...more