Toxic lead and children - is there really a risk and what can you do?

Are children really exposed to lead?  The short answer, yes.  Many parents dismiss the risk of exposure to lead.  Most of us know that lead was phased out of gasoline and paint years ago, and we believe that the bans on lead in these products have successfully all but eliminated the risk of lead poisoning.  As a result, most of us believe that our children cannot be exposed to lead.  Many moms have to ...more

Yes, Anna, it can test for most elements-cadmium, bromine as a measure of brominated flame ...more

Recycling, Climate Change, & Blogher08

A week ago, Siel wrote a great post called De-Plasticking BlogHer 2009! in which she discusses all the plastic at Blogher08 and ways that the next Blogher conference could be even more eco-friendly. And right after the conference, I too blogged about the plastic waste at Blogher. ...more

I agree that using re-usables and compostables are the best way to go. It takes such emense ...more


    Yin and Yang or Lin not Yang?   ...more

My BlogHer08: Good Decision / Bad Decision

First of all, here is the brief version I could have written many many posts ago: ...more

BlogHer '08 Video: All the links I've got...add your own in comments

UPDATED: I got the links for the Closing Keynote, Living the Truman Show, from Katy this afternoon, so I've added them below. It is in 8 segments on YouTube. This post is just one big link-fest, mostly to point you to all the video taken by our official conference videographer, Katy Chen. To fill in the blanks on the Community Keynote I've also included links to some of Gena Haskett and Elaine from Wannabe Hippie's videos. At the end you will find a link to the videos you all submitted yourselves at the CNN iReport table. ...more

Is your report tagged "BlogHer", becuase the link is to the search results for "BlogHer" not ...more

Business Intelligence 2.0

Casual users who become adopters compound the “viral” tipping point of the “usage effect”.  When a system eases the user’s experience, rather than the reverse that never leads nowhere good <insert the person who best fits ‘I deleted it from the registry with a shrug’ who inadvertently deletes their O/S here>, why not try to these stages to gain a better understanding of your BI efficacy from your users.   ...more

Where in the world is BlogHer '09?

==UPDATE: OK, the poll has been closed. With thousands of votes between the post-conference survey and this poll, I think we're all set. Thanks you so much everyone, not only for your votes, but also for the awesome civic pride on display in these comments :) The leading contenders are: Philadelphia Portland St. Louis ...more

I live in Portland - if you need any venue visiting help or that kind of thing, I'd be happy to ...more

BlogHer and Bridges

This is the problem with going to BlogHer--it's like exercise. It makes you all healthy and energized. You come home and your thoughts feel cleansed as if they've just done a round of cardio and finished off the workout with a glass of carrot juice. ...more

Thank you!  And I'm glad you're going to be there.  And hope you continue to be involved and ...more