Just Jump

A lot of my readers have been asking me via email and the comments section of a recent post: ...more

Finding Happiness

There is a certain kind of person that leans towards happiness. I admire that kind of person. Some religions and/or spiritual paths seem to be pretty sure that happiness comes from within and that it is within your control. Frankly, this blows my mind. ...more

I just find I have days when what is right and what is wrong ...more

Blogger Karma: Give some, Get Some.

I have this thing about karma. Or at least I have a thing about my own pseudo-semi-spiritual notion of what it means. My kind of karma, the "Caroline" definition of Karma (and forgive me real karma people for butchering it's true meaning) is to give and give and give. And when you give, you will get back what you deserve. I also know karma is about balance and for every good there is a bad. Yin, yang, good, bad, bladdy bladdy blah. ...more

What is your opinion on someone's wearing the wedding gown of an ex-bride who is now an ex-wife?

  Would you give me your opinion on wether or not you would consider wearing the wedding dress of someone whose marriage ended in divorce? I just read something about a man who was trying to sell his wife’s wedding gown to pay the divorce bills and it triggered my thoughts as far as, "Who might want to buy it?!" ...more

I wouldn't have a problem wearing a dress that someone else had been married in, not even if ...more

So, I have the "cute shoes." Now, I'm hoping for your other tidbits of information!

Ladies, will some of you please give me a few bits of your own advice on how to prepare for the conference. I know that there have been a lot of specifics mentioned but what I need are to the point tidbits of information from your own experiences! I already know that I need some "cute shoes" but that's the easy part! (LOL) I am such a neophyte at this blogging stuff and I want to make the most out of the experience! Thanks, in advance for any help that you can offer! ...more

What Took So Long? Media Coverage of BlogHer 08

I didn't attend BlogHer 08 so I felt sheepish writing about it in my blog today. Yet there are a number of women (yes, really there are) who still don't know about BlogHer, so I felt it was my duty. When I began to surf in search of BlogHer 08 coverage, I remembered why I didn't write about it right after the conference ended. There was virtually no mainstream media coverage that I could link to. ...more

BlogHer08 - who I met, what I ate

I just got back from the BlogHer08 conference in San Francisco and I gotta confess, I'm detoxing a bit. See, the problem is I can't resist sweets... and there were so many of them like these yummy cupcakes at just about every corner, so of course, I indulged... a lot! In fact, I was so preoccupied with the Mrs. Field's cookies during ...more

I actually left BlogHer thinking that that's the last time I let myself eat like that. The ...more

Looking for BlogHer Conference Info?

Just a quick reminder that you can still find all our conference information for BlogHer '08 (and BlogHer Business 08, and BlogHer '07...) by clicking on the Conferences tab and selecting "Past Conferences" in the left column. Here's the direct link: http://www.blogher.com/previous-blogher-conferences ...more

What's With All The Swearing, Mommy Bloggers?

Liz, thanks for the comment. I think I'm just seeing it so much on blogs these days that it ...more

Kids and Cell Phones

During the Newbie reception at BlogHer08 I met the representatives from T-Mobile.  They had a table set up with a survey about parenting and cell phones.  Although my kids are older now this is an issue that I dealt with some years ago when cell phones for kids weren’t as big of an issue than they are now.My son got his first cell phone at the ...more