Conference Attendee Disappointed in Wasteful Meals

I thought long and hard before writing this little post, because I had such a fantastic time at the conference in San Francisco this year. I have just one little complaint to make, and I know that at the very least, the conference attendees who sat with me at lunchtime will agree, since the topic came up while we ate. ...more

Blogging While Female: NYT, Salon on BlogHer

(NOTE: I posted this article today on the Poynter Institute's E-Media Tidbits blog, which is read mainly by professional journalists. I'm cross-posting it here because it's relevant to BlogHer.)  On Sunday the New York Times ran a front-page feature on a conference I recently attended: BlogHer 2008, the fourth annual conference for and about female bloggers. ...Well, front page of the Fashion & Style section, that is. Several bloggers complained that the Times article by Kara Jesella focused too heavily on stereotypically "girly" stuff -- from its lead ("For two days last week, many of the men's bathrooms at the Westin St. Francis Hotel here were turned into women's bathrooms."), to its details ("There was a lactation room, child care, and onesies for sale emblazoned with the words 'my mom is blogging this.'"), to its dismissive jabs ("It has since evolved into a corporate-sponsored Oprah-inflected version of a '60s consciousness-raising group.") I noticed these flaws when I first read the article. Nevertheless, I still said it was "pretty good." By that, I meant (and should have clarified at the time) "better than I expected from the Times, whose leaders reflexively slam bloggers as barbarians at the gate. Baby steps." Here are the good points as I see them... ...more

I noticed males and even a few females making comments on the NYT criticism such as ...more

The Funny Thing Is, Rape Isn't Funny

Damn, this is rough. Kind of like a scarlet letter except funnier. Anjeannette certainly seems to have taken it well, and I guess it could've been worse. The local press might've been forced to wear the Reno 911 badges. ...more

Opportunities to Green BlogHer 09

BlogHer '08 set an amazing precedent in San Francisco last week with the many steps it took to stage a green -- as in eco-friendly -- conference. So the last thing the conference organizers probably want to hear right now is how to make future conferences even greener. But as I "speed dated" my way through this remarkable gathering, I heard several comments over and over again that I'd like to share with the larger BlogHer community in the hopes that, yes, next year's conference will top this one in its embrace of eco-friendly accomplishments. ...more

I think this year was a great effort and I appreciate all the planning that went into the ...more

a good man: a blogher '08 story

On my first full day in San Francisco, I spent the early part of the day playing tourist. A highlight was a visit to City Lights Book Store. When I am away on my own, my kids and my spouse are never very far from my mind and this wonderful and historic book store seemed like as good a place as any to buy them some presents. ...more

Video: BlogHer 08 Mommyblogging Track

The moment many of you have been waiting for... the videos from the BlogHer 08 Mommyblogging track! I'm really looking forward to seeing these because I only managed to go to one of the sessions in that track. Here's the one I'm going to watch first, Mirrors: Ours, the Media's, Our Cultures' and our Kids. ...more

I'm so glad it's available for folks who didn't make it.more

It was a succcess!

BlogHer ‘08 was a rockin’ success from seemingly every angle. Particularly exciting was that the Zwaggle Recycling Room did an amazing job of collecting the unwanted swag that conference attendees were given and passing it on to those who did want it. Some of the swag was barely seen - I think we collected a handful of “50 free print” cards from Snapfish. Some of the swag was a bit less popular - anyone need a florescent light bulb recycling kit? When all was said and done, by our best guestimate we recycled more than 1,000 pounds of swag, ...more

Beautiful Blogging Positive Posting Follow-Up

Lucrecer, Krystyn, Jen and Alyssa were brought together to form a panel that was moderated by Kyran for the BlogHer Conference in July 2008. Our topic was simple - to discuss why it is that positive posting can make the world a better place. Some of us write about social ...more

I love your idea about positive posting. It so important that we read uplifting stories. ...more

Girl Bloggers Getting Their Peace

Blogosteria! ...more