BlogHer 08 – What stuck

“Blogging is like a marathon that doesn’t stop. Ever.” Elise Bauer So, how do I process the mountain of information that was BlogHer 08 ? By figuring what I recall without having to dig too deep into my notes. I did a similar conference round-up last year and found it a great way to organize what I had learned in the three information-packed days at BlogHer 08. ...more

I will have a version of this on my other blog soon.
And being a veteran blogger yourself, I am ...more

I've got more and more to do and less and less to prove

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Building Bridges: Infertility and BlogHer '08

Definitely less controversial and politically driven than a discussion on when life begins, the topic of when a woman becomes a mother was one of the underlying questions posed at the BlogHer panel on infertility, adoption, and loss. When you consider the multitude of ways a woman becomes a mother, it can become a slippery discussion. If it occurs with pregnancy, when does it happen for a woman pursing adoption? If it occurs after viability, what happens in the case of stillbirth or neonatal death? ...more

This got me thinking, so I posted my answers on my blog ...more

Travelbloggers Unite at BlogHer and on the Web

We're here, we're everywhere, get used to it! Okay, that's not really the message that the travelers who attended the travelbloggers meetup at BlogHer 08 sent, but it's not far off. "We matter!" is closer to the heart of things. ...more

I've always enjoyed reading blogs written by expats. I'd love to see a GOOD list put together ...more

What I Learned at Blogher '08

I've been thinking long and hard about this Celebrity Rock Star Blogger thing. Just what constitutes "good enough" to hit the stratosphere in the Blogosphere? Why can certain bloggers post pictures of their shoes and end up with 120 comments when some bloggers pour their heart and soul into posts, and get little recognition or feedback? Most of those Rock Star Bloggers are really nice people. with just a few notable exceptions, mostly those who have bought into their own press. ...more

Gratitude for the BlogHer Community

It's been a few days now since returning from my first BlogHer conference and I am still thinking about how grateful I am to all of the people involved with BlogHer, particularly Lisa, Jory and Elisa for founding BlogHer. Nothing else compares to the annual BlogHer conference and, for that matter, nothing out on the blogosphere compares to this site. Thank you. ...more

I came, I saw and now I'm blogging about BlogHer '08.

* I posted this on my blog when I got back and figured I could share it here too, enjoy!* ...more

Go With the Flow: Take Your Mom (and everyone else) to BlogHer

"Go with the flow, Laurie. Go with the flow. It works every time." So said my new friend Frances Ellen as we walked along Fisherman's Wharf, in the middle of a day where I was distinctly not following this directive for a variety of reasons, and she was nudging her daughter and my friend, BlogHer Health and Wellness contributing editor Catherine Morgan, to buy a tote bag in which, tote the conference swag back to Florida. ...more

Those folks are new to me so thanks for pointing them out. : ) ...more

A quiet moment...reflecting on some invaluable keepsakes of Blogher 08....

It's just a few brief days since I journeyed home from Blogher 08 and my thoughts are still embracing lessons learned and invaluable moments shared. I wanted to recap for all some precious keepsakes in hopes of nudging my next footsteps and holding hands with all as we move forward from that historic weekend: …that my voice, your voice, our voices—ias women—matter, and more, must be shared. ...that blogging is as natural as breathing and just an invaluable way to record our voices. ...more

Coming Out of the Fog: BlogHer 2008, San Francisco

There is so much to tell I can hardly get my brain around it all. But here goes anyway... ...more