BlogHer '09: We listened. We mulled. And here are some of the decisions you've helped us make

Almost six weeks ago Lisa, Jory and I asked for your feedback and help on making BlogHer '10 even better than BlogHer '09 in a post we called: We're listening. And here's what we're mulling over so far... ...more

I love all of the changes you've made. I'm planning to come out again for BlogHer 2010. ...more

BlogHer Conference

What did everyone think about the previos BlogHer Conferences?  I am a newbie mom to blogging for business and personal, but is the conference for experienced bloggers or new ones too? ...more

A Week in Review - September 4, 2009

Ahhh, Friday and woo hoo!  Monday is a holiday too :-) Another great week here at BlogHer and here are some items that are of particular interest: ...more

How to Get Celebrity Arms

I just shot my first ever fitness video.  Please let me know what you think!  (please be kind!) It's a quick, less than 2 minute, light weight routine which really sculpts those Celebrity Arms I was talking about last week.   ...more

Gwynne Reaches Her First Mini-Goal!!!

So happy!  Gwynne met her first goal!!!  Yay!!! Come & celebrate w/us. ...more

A Week in Review - August 21, 2009

Happy Friday! Another fabulous and productive week here at BlogHer and here are the highlights... BlogHer Food -  today we were able to open up the waitlist and add more bloggers for BlogHer Food!  We are taking names off the waitlist in order they were received - keep an eye on your inbox!  ...more

Finding Time for Fitness

It can be really tough to find the time to schedule, especially if you're a super busy Mom!  Ways to squeeze in fitness and set a great example for your family.  Heck! drag 'em along with you ...   Lisa    ...more

Fitting In Family Fitness

Here's the latest Thin by 10 Post.  How to integrate fitness into your family's lifestyle.  Some tips on how to get everyone on board & types of fitness you can try.  What does your family do for group fitness activities?  My family is a fan of kayaking ...   ...more

Celebrity Arms: From Greta Garbo to Linda Hamilton!

I added a post to my fitness blog today about the history of Hollywood Arms.   It's fun to trace the difference between what was attractive in the 1930s to the current day.  Lots of pictures!  ...more

Updates from Thin by 10! Gwynne busts her plateau

Gwynne had a bit of a plateau last week, but we adjusted her calories up a little bit and she's busted through it!   I've also introduced the Week 4 Workout.  Gwynne said the resistance training was a little to easy for her so I've kicked it up a notch.  I've also introduced two important elements into her cardio training.  One ~ we've added running! and two, I'm weaving some non-walking/running cardio into her fitness plan so she doesn't overtrain in certain areas.    Come and check it out.  Let me know you're thoughts, ...more