Photoshop training for beginners in BlogHer '09 Geek Lab

I'm so excited to have the chance to teach you some basic Photoshop tips and tricks in the Geek Lab at BlogHer! If you need to know how to get started fixing and preparing photos for your blog, please join me in Geek Lab Beginner 3b at 3:30 on Friday, July 24. I plan to stick around afterwards to help you one-on-one. It's gonna be a blast! If you'd like a little preview of my teaching style, you can check out any of the free movies in my many Photoshop courses at See you in Geek Lab.  ...more

Getting to know you before, during, and after BlogHer 09

One week from now, 07/24/09 - 5:21pm CT, I will be blissfully exhausted and thrilled to have met all of you. I'll have a whole lot of business cards in my pocket and a whole lot of names and faces and phrases jumbled up in my head that I may or may not be able to make sense of once the post conference glow wears off and I'm trying to figure out just which of you said THAT brilliant thing. On 07/25/09, while basking in the post conference glow, I'll begin to hear stories about amazing women who I did not meet and I'll be sad that I somehow missed your awesomeness in person. ...more

Our old black dog gets frantic when he sees suitcases, so I'm avoiding pulling them out til the ...more

Announcing: BlogHer ’09 Geek Lab

We’re here to help you get geeky – two levels of geeky! BlogHer has planned Beginner and Advanced tutorials for attendees, which will run concurrently with other sessions in our conference agenda. And if you still need help afterward, most speakers are more than happy to hold some “office hours” following each tutorial for a little one-on-one action. Come learn new tech tricks in the Beginner Lab, like Stats for Word Nerds or Beginning SEO, or geek out in the Advanced Lab discussing a variety of content management systems or sharing your hacks, mashups and other rebel coding. ...more

Hey This Military Mama! That makes perfect sense. I'm presenting the ...more

Let's talk about BlogHer '09 Internet, shall we?

One week from now the Chicago Sheraton and Towers most definitely will know what's hitting them, as almost 1,500 (mostly) women bloggers check in...and log on. ...more

If you can't get wireless, check and see if your smartphone can act as a tethered modem. My ...more

Thelma & Louise

Our Chevy vehicle will be delivered next Monday. They promised me it would be dropped off to me between 11 am - 1 pm. I hope it's not like when the Cable Guy promises to be there within a certain time frame. They're notoriously late and even though I'm driving on my own, I do like to have a schedule to follow. ...more

The Unofficial BlogHer Stay-At-Home Spouse Survival Manual

Hear that groaning and moaning? It's a long, low whine coming from husbands all over America as they realize that they get to watch the kids for a night or two - or even three - while the wives are away at the BlogHer ’09 conference in Chicago. ...more

What I'm wearing to BlogHer 09

The other day I finally decided what the main pieces I'd be wearing at BlogHer 09 were and decided to blog about them with photos.  I also put in my entry to meet Tim Gunn at the conference.  Want to see what I'm wearing? Check it out on my blog here.   What are you wearing? Have you blogged about it? Let me see! ...more

Join your Flock - Birds of a Feather '09

Welcome to Birds of a Feather '09 (BOF)! As we did last year, BlogHer '09 will feature BOF tables hosting various topics of interest that are either a continuation of a session topic or something new!  BOF will be held on both days during the lunch hour and you will be able to pick and choose which sessions interest you and you can "join your flock". Here is the process: ...more

I know there are lots of us expats out there!

I also second Pop & Ice's idea of an ...more

Explore Chicago on Foot: Walking Tour Three

This is the third in a four-week series to help attendees explore Chicago. Please also visit Walking Tour One and Walking Tour Two. My favorite way to explore a city is on foot. I think it has something to do with the experience of using all five of my senses in a way that driving (or boat-riding) tours just can’t match. (Not to mention that walking is good for Earth, good for you and good for your wallet. Well, potentially good for you and your wallet. I suppose that depends on your discipline when in such close proximity to Garrett Popcorn Shops.) This tour takes you throughout The Loop. So if you’ve planned a little extra time before or after BlogHer ’09, and were hoping to see a little bit of the city (believe me: there’s plenty to see), then I’ve got a juicy tidbit for you: Chicago walking tours. ...more

Thanks for the clarification, Cynthia!

Jes Ferris
BlogHer Conference Programming ...more

Decisions Decisions

Here's to tell you. I cannot even find enough categories for this post to fit in. I am a little confused at the moment. This is my first Blog Her Conference and even though it is next week, I have no clue why I am going. I am ticketed-in all ways. I am hoteled. The only thing I am not is, ready to go. With all things in my life, I need to know the why and if I cannot answer that by next week, I will stay put. ...more

Just remember, at one time ...more