BlogHer '09 (a sorta recap)

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A Greener BlogHer, but What About All the Swag?

This is my first post here on the BlogHer site.  Last month, I attended my very first BlogHer conference, BlogHer ’09.  I attended both the Business and main conferences.  Prior to attending, I read about several of the green features that were being implemented at the conference.  Some were carried over from previous years and some were new for 2009.  It was great to see that a conference of this size was trying to reduce its environmental impact and I laud the efforts of the entire conference staff for doing ...more

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Sisterhood, the Blog Radio Explores Lessons Learned by Women Bloggers at Blogher 2009


BlogHer '09 General Session Video is Here...Including the Community Keynote!

The wait is over. Following are the videos of each BlogHer '09 general session. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll think; you'll see your favorite blogger read their most amazing blog post; you'll see Tina Brown ask you to give her your business card; you'll see Ezter Hargittai and danah boyd obliterate our assumptions about today's teens and tweens. ...more

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How much Muscle can you really gain?

How many of you start a diet and exercise program, don't lose as much weight as you thought you would and chalk it up to "muscle gain" from all that nascient exercise?   Well this post will dispel the myths.  How Much Muscle do You Really gain?  ...more

Top Tips from BlogHer '09: "Business of You" Part I

So, you've taken a break from the daily grind and said good-by to your 9-5 job. You're ready to jump into the "business of you".  And if you're like many of the attendees who participated in the BlogHer '09 conference, you're probably blogging about your new ventures or sharing the stories of "you" with the world.   ...more

Green Baby Steps at BlogHer '09

Some of my favorite green bloggers were on the green team for BlogHer this year in an attempt to 'green up' the conference a bit.  BlogHer is a mighty big conference (over 1400 attendees I believe) and I can't imagine how hard it must be to organize the thing, much less worry about the environmental impact.  Kudos to BlogHer management for listening to the green team and putting some smart green initiatives in place this year! ...more

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10 Ways to Improve My Blog - from BlogHer09

Thanks to all of the great bloggers and panelists that filled my head with creative energy at BlogHer09. Here is a summary of what this newbie blogger is taking away: 1. Google doesn’t care about cute titles.2. My work is not over when I press PUBLISH. Use social networks.3. Spread the word with my local audience back home.4. Fear is silly. 5. I get what I give. If I think it’s all about me, I’ll end up all alone.6. Know what I want to be when I grow up – develop a plan for the blog! ...more

Good tips to have in mind when dealing the blogosphere =)


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Helping each other reach our dreams

Let’s face it, we’re a competitive society. We’re born into this world already being compared to other newborns on growth charts and it doesn’t stop there. We’re measured, graded, evaluated and tested against our peers. We compete on the playing field, on college applications and eventually against others in business. We’re trained to win. To come out on top. To reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. ...more