I went to a party and a conference broke out: My Blogher09 recap

(Note: I apologize for the weird line breaks in this post. I can't seem to fix them!) I've needed a week to digest my first Blogher experience. Bottom line: Blogher09 was a mixed bag for me. ...more

Lynn @ human, being


After spending 2 hours today ...more

Why I Didn't Attend BlogHer '09

I didn't attend BlogHer '09 -- and I really wish I could have.  I want and need the networking opportunities, how-to tips and more.  Here's why I didn't attend, taken directly from my blog: ...more

I am deeply sorry and my thoughts will be with you.  

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ...more

AskPatty Attends (and Survives) BlogHer09

AskPatty attended the BlogHer09 conference last week and we're so excited to share our experience. Even though we have worked together for more than two years, this was my first chance to spend some real quality time with my editor Brandy Schaffels. ...more

What a blast! more

The power of twitter

I like to socialize. If it weren't for the Internet, I think I would have found being a mom very difficult. The truth is, we don't often get babysitters to go out for a night on the town. But message boards, MSN messenger and more recently twitter have given me the opportunity to have an active social life from the comfort of my basement and my PJs. ...more

In my conference wrap up. Our interaction really tickled me.



United Airlines

I flew United Airlines back and forth to Chicago for BlogHer. I don't normally fly United but they had a great deal on tickets so I gave them a try. The flight up there was fine. On-time and all that good stuff. Last night when we arrived at our gate prior to boarding there was a big drama unfolding. Apparently the flight that had just left the gate had departed 10 minutes earlier than scheduled. And there were 8 people left standing there that did not make the flight because they did not get to the gate before the flight left. ...more

Top 5 Workout Questions

I get asked fitness questions all the time from my clients.  (I own a Pilates studio).  Here are my top 5 Questions, plus my answers.  #5 what type of work out do I do?  http://www.lisajohnsonfitness.com/my-top-5-questions/  ...more

Women of Color and Marketing: The room, the session and when will the conversation end

Whenever I write something and put my thoughts out there I feel pretty done with it. Like that thing that was taking up all of this valuable space in my brain is now out and I no longer think of it. Such as it was with a post from two years ago; a brief recap of the events that occurred during the State of the Momosphere session during BlogHer 2007. ...more

You, Karen, Stefania and Kelly really did a terrific job. Thank you!

Lisa Stone

More BlogHer '09 wrap-up thoughts

During the last panel timeslot on Friday, I spent about half the time in the speakers’ lounge, and then after a few “where are you / no where are YOU” Twitter direct messages between me and Heidi Miller, I went up to the 7th floor and met her on the super-secret sun deck. The weather was perfect – low 80s, sunny but not too bright, slight breeze. And a view of the river. Just gorgeous. We lounged there for about an hour and it was so relaxing. We had a friendly debate (yes, there is such a thing!) about types ...more

I am trying to remember the number of times I said that I was "just" a personal ...more

BlogHer '09: We're listening. And here's what we're mulling over so far...

It's Day Three post-BlogHer '09, and we are in our full-on, annual Listen-Real-Hard mode here at BlogHer. Since Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins and I first plunked down our credit cards to reserve a space for the BlogHer 2005, we have asked for everyone's help to make it happen. To make it better. To make it a celebration of women who blog. ...more

Well said and a very transparent honest professional analysis of your experience  Hmm ...more

Conflict Resolution Skills For Adults Acting Badly

It has been a summer of adults getting themselves into trouble verbally or socially. And no, I’m not necessarily talking about Crowley, Gates or Obama. Here is the deal. I became angry with myself. In one social situation where you would think I’d blow a gasket I was calm and rational. In another situation two days later I acted in anger at the mention of two words. ...more

The internal scripts and roles we take on are complex. Who we are, who we think we are and who ...more