Food Bloggers at BlogHer09

Hey there, Alanna here, just back from the insanity, no make that intensity that is BlogHer the conference. Which food bloggers were there? Here's the list plus an easy summer recipe from each. BlogHer readers? I've got to tell you, this is a great group of cooks but more than that, now that I've met so many new food bloggers face-to-face, and re-acquainted myself with others I've known for a long while, a special group of human beings too. Food bloggers? Tis a pleasure, tis an honor, to know you. I'm proud to be in your company. ...more

Loved this wrap-up! I enjoyed meeting other food bloggers, and I am looking forward to a ...more

Cut Me Right Back Down to Size

Saturday I woke up just a few hours after going to sleep. Hot, sweaty, pajama pants feeling tight. I walked around the hotel room, used the bathroom - wow, my stomach hurt. Maybe I'm hungry? I got out a gluten-free muffin (packed from home, I brought over a dozen with me to Chicago), sat on the bed. Took a deep breathe and smelled the chocolate-chippy goodness. And I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Violent, choking, gasping for air throwing up and I knew it immediately - I was having an allergic reaction to dinner. ...more

Going To Blogher As A Guy

In getting ready to attend Blogher for the first time, and knowing that it is a woman’s conference, I found myself getting really nervous.  Wondering how I would be judged.  Wondering if I would be tagged as that pervert that showed up to look at all the girl’s boobs, or that guy that was so clueless he showed up to the wrong conference. ...more

BlogHer '09 recap coming soon

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It was a huge huge pleasure to hug you. :-)

BlogHer Community Manager


Things I learned at Blogher 2009...

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BlogHer'09 Bullet Points

It's going to take several posts to process my full first-time BlogHer experience, but this is where I've started - it's an excerpt from a post on my personal blog, The 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness, and you're welcome to read the rest of it there. Conferences are tough on introverts - or for this particular introvert, at any rate. Conferences with a high degree of extra-curricular socializing surrounding them are particularly tough, especially when you're attending them for the first time, on your own, and haven't really pre-arranged to meet up with anyone. Extra-curricular socializing in venues that don't encourage genuine conversation - like noisy, poorly-lit cocktail parties - is especially challenging. I opted out of a lot of it, and bailed early on some of it. I have learned to respect my limits, and sometimes I just needed to back off and head somewhere to read. ...more

Asian American Bloggers at BlogHer '09

The best part of the BlogHer '09 experience for me was getting a chance to meet so many of the Asian American bloggers who I’ve been following, and meeting new Asian American bloggers, as well.  They include: Momisodes—a traveling nurse turned stay-at-home mom to Babisodes.  I admire her blog for her beautiful writing and her frank observations of her world. ...more

Blogher 2009 - The Ultimate Petting Zoo

This week I spent some time at a fabulous petting zoo of sorts – I met almost every single one of my favorite bloggers. I pet their perfectly magnificent hair, I touched the lovely silk on their dress sleeves, I shook their perfectly moisturized hands, and I grasped their shoulders in an authentic hug. It was like being at a wild animal park where bloggers can run free in their natural habitat and then some are set aside behind bars where you can walk up and look at them and point and ...more

Part of my BlogHer '09 wrap-up series

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